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Dubai City Information Site – A First-Hand Practical Perspective on Dubai

The Dubai City Information Site provides a fresh, first-hand and practical perspective on The City. Ideal for tourists and people who have recently moved to Dubai!

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Full coverage on recent news, developments and trends in Dubai.

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About Dubai City – A Guide to Climate, Culture, Population, Economy & More

The Dubai City section of this website discusses everything you need to know about Dubai’s Government, climate, culture, population, economy and more.

So Where is Dubai on the World Map?

So where is Dubai exactly? Many know or have heard a lot about the Emirate but not everyone knows where it is located on the world’s map. Learn about it in this discussion.

History of Dubai – A Quick Overview of Dubai History

The history of Dubai is quite interesting. Learn a bit about Dubai history in this section before you reach the great city.

Dubai Weather – Learn About the 12 Month Dubai Climate

Dubai weather is generally hot most of the year. Read this guide to Dubai climate to better prepare you for your travels.

Dubai Visa Information – Visa Requirements & General Information

This section on Dubai Visa Information summarizes the different types of Visas you can get to enter Dubai as well as the requirements you will have to fulfill. Read this before planning your trip.

Dubai Currency – The Arab Emirate Dirham Pegged to the US Dollar

The Dubai currency (Arab Emirate Dirham or AED) has been pegged to the US Dollar since 1980. Prepare yourself and learn more about it and its usage in Dubai.

Dubai Culture is Very Diverse - Learn A Bit of Everything Here

Dubai culture is extremely diverse. This section touches on the various aspects of culture such as religion, language, festivals, holidays, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment & sports.

Holidays in Dubai – The Complete Dubai Holidays Calendar

There are 10 annual holidays in Dubai. See what they are and when they are observed.

The Dubai Economy – Centrally-Planned Free Market Capitalism Indeed

Dubai economy has boomed faster and further than any economy in the world. Learn all about it in this discussion. Where it was, where it is and where it is going.

Dubai Entertainment & All the Fun Things to Do In Dubai

The Dubai entertainment section will fill you in on all the fun and exciting things to do in Dubai. From the attractions of Dubai, to parks, bars, clubs and more.

Dubai Sightseeing –Dubai Tourism, Tourist Attractions and Dubai Tours

Dubai sightseeing is one of the most desired tourist activity within the city. Learn all about Dubai tourism, attractions and Dubai tours in this section.

Restaurants in Dubai are Dime A Dozen. Find Out All About Them Here

There are all kinds of restaurants in Dubai. No matter your taste, preference or mood at a given time, you are likely to find what you are looking for in Dubai City.

Transportation in Dubai ¡VDubai Metro, Cabs, Buses, Trams, Abras, Airlines

Transportation in Dubai can be rough with its heavily congested freeways and road systems. Learn about your options and which to pick on your trip to Dubai.

Sports in Dubai – Dubai Sports Have Evolved to Include Pretty Much All Sports

Sports in Dubai is huge! Learn a bit about the history of its evolution and what Dubai sports have to offer you today.

Most Popular Area in Dubai? Make Sure You Visit These Ares of Dubai

So what is the most popular area in Dubai? This list is our personal recommendation of areas to visit during your stay in Dubai. Read about each one you like in detail.

The Perfect Dubai Hotel – Finding Dubai Hotels for All Budgets & Styles

The Dubai hotel section focuses on the different types of hotel & accommodation options you have in Dubai. Find the perfect one that fits your budget and style.

Dubai Properties, Dubai Real Estate & Dubai Property Investment

Dubai properties have experienced unprecedented growth since the early 2000s. Learn about the different types of properties in Dubai whether you plan to live there or purchase them as investments.

Dubai Jobs, Dubai Careers & A Dubai Job Opportunity

With Dubai jobs on the rise, learn about the benefits a lucrative Dubai job opportunity has to offer to you. Learn about the hottest jobs in demand in Dubai.

Doing Business in Dubai – Learn the Atmosphere, Nuances, Rules & Regulations

Doing business in Dubai can be extremely rewarding. But like anything else in life, it is not a breeze. You need to understand the business atmosphere, rules and regulations before diving in.

Your Dubai City Hosts – Learn From Our Adventures & Experiences

Your Dubai City hosts are here just for you. Learn about us (Kish & Sunil) and our first hand adventures & experiences in and about Dubai.

Need More Dubai Information? Contact Us

Need more Dubai information? Contact us with your questions, concerns, requests and everything else.

Dubai City Information - Other Valuable Links

View other similar websites in this section. These resources are perfect if you share the passion of travelling and sightseeing.

Dubai Ports World Controversy – United States & UAE Relations

Dubai Ports World controversy was a recent dispute (2006) in the American government that led to a sale of operations by the Dubai government to the United States.

Hotels of Dubai – Choosing Between the 2 Stars and the Only 7 Star Hotel

The hotels of Dubai come in all forms, shapes and sizes. From 2 stars to the world’s only 7 star hotel (as of 2007), there are all kinds of Dubai hotels you can choose to stay at. Read more here.

Dubai 7 Star Hotel – The One & Only Burj Al Arab

The only Dubai 7 star hotel is the Burj Al Arab. Explore the “8th wonder of the world” in this discussion. You can also find out the only hotel in the world more expensive that the Burj here :)

Burj Al Arab Pictures - Dubai 7 Star Hotel

View Burj Al Arab pictures here. Dubai's and the worl'd only 7 star hotel (as of 2007).

Le Meridien Dubai - Enjoy the Beautiful Experience

The Le Meridien Dubai is one of the most popular places to stay in Dubai for tourists. Explore it further hee and see why everyone loves it. It is also super affordable for what you get with it.

Choosing Dubai Hotel Apartments over Dubai Hotels - Why?

Dubai hotel apartments are luxury long term stay hotels. Consider these if you are planning on visiting Dubai with your family or if you plan to stay for a while.

Accommodation in Dubai - Choosing The Perfect Place to Stay

You have many options of accommodation in Dubai. Depending on what you are looking for, you can stay in hotels, villas, hotel apartments, beach homes, etc.

Cheap Hotel in Dubai - Advice on How to Find One

Finding a cheap hotel in Dubai is not impossible. Because of the competition and fear of the big names, even the smaller hotels have to raise their standards up a notch to remain competitive.

Experiencing a Dubai Luxury Hotel - World's Only 7 Star Hotel

The Dubai luxury hotel experience. These hotels are amongst the best in Dubai and have literally the heaven to offer to you. Of course you also have the world’s only 7 star hotel.

Exploring Bur Dubai Hotel Apartments

Bur Dubai hotel apartments are great. Set near the Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai is a happening place within Dubai. You will be close to everything you need such as museums, beaches, parks, souks, etc.

Grand Hyatt Dubai - Enjoy the Luxury & Sophistication

The Grand Hyatt Dubai. Second in popularity only to the Le Meridien Dubai amongst Dubai visitors, this luxury hotel lives up to every bit of its praises.

The Dubai Palm Island; Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira & Palm Jebel Ali

The Dubai Palm Island initiative is an attempt to aid Dubai’s overgrowing population problem and assist in stabilizing its future. These man-made islands are some of the best creations of man today.

Dubai Airport – Learn All About Dubai International Airport

The Dubai Airport has increased a 316% increase in traffic from 1997 onward. This airport has become the place to be and is much more than just an airport. Find out more in this discussion.

Renting a Car in Dubai – Avoid All Pitfalls and Disappointments

Know these rules before renting a car in Dubai. Avoid all pitfalls and disappointment before you go on your way driving in Dubai.

The Alamo Dubai is Perfect for All Types & All Occasions

The Alamo Dubai is a hot dining favorite in Dubai. It is perfect for all occasions and all types of individuals and groups. Make sure to visit it during your next trip to Dubai.

Things To Do In Dubai – There is So Much That It Can Be Overwhelming

There are so many things to do in Dubai and that can be overwhelming. Check out a brief synopsis of each as well as my (Kish) personal recommendations for you.

Dune Bashing in Dubai is Fun! Dubai Entertainment - Dubai Tourism

Dune bashing in Dubai is one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping activities you can do in Dubai city. Learn more about it, how to do it, where to sign up and how much it would cost you to go.

Attractions of Dubai - Parks, Beaches, Zoo, Shopping, Amusement Parks, etc.

The attractions of Dubai are as varied as the tourists that come to visit so get out your walking shoes and enjoy all of Dubai you can! Learn about all your options in this section.

Parks in Dubai – Learn Where They Are & How They Operate

Parks in Dubai are fun. You can learn where they are and how they operate in this discussion. It’s important to have some background on how Dubai parks work to make the most out of your experience.

Ski Dubai - Winter in Desert All Year Long - Go Yourself or With Your Family

Ski Dubai will give you winter all year long in the middle of the desert. Find out about this amazing project and how much fun you can have. Be careful however, it is certainly not perfect (yet).

Bars in Dubai - Know The Rules - There Is Something For Everyone

There are a ton of bars in Dubai. Whether you want to get loud or have an intimate evening with your significant other, there is a place for everyone. Know the rules however before you head out.

Dubai TV - As Varied As It Is Around the World

Dubai TV has become as varied today as it is around the world. Not only do you have all the local channels, but you also have access to the rest of the world’s television channels. Learn more here.

Dubai Festivals – Learn About the Many Festivals in Dubai

Dubai festivals are known to attract thousands of visitors every year and generate over $1 billion in revenues. Learn about the different festivals in Dubai in this discussion.

Amusement Parks in Dubai – Dubailand, Wild Wadi Water Park, Children’s City

You will find the best amusement parks in Dubai. Read about what the city has to offer and what is in the works. Make sure you take advantage of these on your visit.

Dubai Parks - Enjoy The Natural & Amusement Parks in Dubai

From the natural parks to the amusement parks it is worth noting what the best Dubai parks really have to offer. Learn about all of them here.

Must See Dubai Attractions - From Shopping Malls, Parks, Beaches & More

Check out the various Dubai attractions in this section. There are beaches, parks, shopping malls and so much more.

Bur Dubai is one of the Oldest, Most Historic Places in Dubai

Learn about Bur Dubai, one of the oldest and most historic places of Dubai. Located at the Dubai and Deira border, it faces the Dubai Creek as its shoreline.

How are Dubai Men? A Question I Get a Lot

My girlfriends ask me how Dubai men are. In case you have the same question, you can find my (Kish) opinion on Men in Dubai.

Dubai Police – Modern, Forward Thinking & Technologically Advanced

The Dubai police is a modern and forward thinking police force. Learn more about the department and its operations before you visit Dubai.

The Royal Family of Dubai – Their History & Lineage

The royal family of Dubai has ruled from the very beginning up until today. Learn about its history and lineage as it has progressed from zero to hero in current times.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Great Dubai Ruler

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a young, determined and ambitious ruler of Dubai. Learn about his life, his upbringing and his passions in this discussion.

The Essential Dubai Tourists Tips You Need to Know

Learn these essential Dubai tourists tips to make the most of your trip to Dubai. With this information you will blend right in the country. More importantly, you will stay out of trouble!

Dubai Tourist Attractions - See the Past Before the Future

Dubai tourist attractions are endless. Newer “things” are appearing by the day. Make sure you take time to see The City’s past as well before you move into the current and future. It's equally fun!

How Dubai Tourism Has Grown and Where It Is Going

Dubai tourism is growing leaps and bounds. This City changes every time you visit it with something bigger and better. And there are absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Dubai Desert Safari - Choosing The Right One

When it comes to choosing the right Dubai desert safari, you have every option to suit the mood you are in. Take a more challenging ride if you feel adventurous, or tame down with a smooth safari.

Calling Cards to Dubai – The Cheapest & Best Deals to Call Dubai

Find the best and cheapest calling cards to Dubai in this discussion. They are the most economical way to stay in touch with Dubai!

Dubai City Tours, What Do You Need to Know About Them

Learn about Dubai City tours and what you should know before getting on them. Also find out which tour package you should opt for.

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