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Stacy’s Travel to Dubai with Her Husband

Hi everyone I would like to share some things about my recent travel to Dubai.

I traveled to Dubai with my husband earlier this year in the summer of 2008. We only went for 7 days due to not being able to get much time off from our jobs.

I have to say that although we both thoroughly enjoyed each day that we were there, summer is not a good time to go to Dubai.

Dubai is a city that is built in the middle of the desert.

Everything around it is hot sand. You can just imagine how hot it can get in the summers. It was over 100 degrees there every single day.

We definitely want to go back and enjoy some more of it. I don’t think we even saw a fourth of it while we were there for 7 days. There is just so much to do in Dubai.

The next time we go though it won’t be summer. However summer flights to Dubai are much cheaper. The place is less crowded as the local residents go on vacations to cooler parts of the world. You will also see much better bargains because there is less crowd.

My recommendation to someone who wants to travel to Dubai is to be prepared with information before you get there. Try to get yourself a map of Dubai and study it on the plane before you get there. Most good Dubai guides have a Dubai map inside them.

A good guide will also give you some good tourist information and important phone numbers to keep while you are there.

-Stacy W.

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