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Interested in experiencing Dubai Holidays? Are you seeking genuine Dubai information? Are you planning to visit Dubai City anytime soon? Did you just move to Dubai? Or do you simply want to learn more about The City?

Welcome to the Dubai Information Site, your practical, first-hand and best Dubai city guide! We are dedicated to providing comprehensive & practical information on Dubai all from a first-hand perspective to ensure you enjoy your Dubai vacation!
Dubai City Then and Now

Hi Friends,

This is Kish & Sunil!

We have created this website for you if you are planning to travel to Dubai, already often visit, have just moved there or simply interested in learning more about the ever changing City.

There are countless websites with information on celebrating Dubai Holidays, but they are all commercial websites and vague in the information they provide.

Anyone can look up information on the Internet and slap it on a website. But we will tell you all about our first hand experiences and adventures in Dubai.

We know Dubai because we have lived there. We also have a lot of family there. There are many tips to get the best from your Dubai holidays, from finding the best but cheap hotels in Dubai, flights, entertainment, sightseeing tours, you name it. Whether you are spending little time on your holidays to Dubai or going for a long duration (we have done both), we will ensure you get the best from your experience.

And if you haven't made your Dubai booking as yet, don't worry because we have all the connections for you to enjoy a fun and memorable, yet affordable Dubai holidays.  You can get customized or off the shelf Dubai holiday packages based on your budget. There is truly something for everyone.

Kish was brought up in Dubai and didn't move to the United States until 2003. And I became very interested in and fascinated with Dubai from the time I was introduced to it back in 1998. You can read more about us in the About Us section.

To prep for your Dubai Holidays, we will provide you with info on:

We also cover some of the more critical topics locals are interested in such as asset protection strategies for expats living and working in Dubai, or Dubai business services to help you set up a business in Dubai. We have a strong network of credible professionals, consultants and even life coaches in Dubai to help you with your needs.

And because of overwhelming demand from our readership community, we have expanded from Dubai information to information on Abu Dhabi City, including the most popular question of "how to land a job in Abu Dhabi?"

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We assure your security and confidentiality as our systems are well equipped to manage your information. We promise not to give out your email address to anyone! Read our Privacy & Disclaimer section for more info.

We also won't charge u a dime for all this information. This website is our hobby.  Just relax, read away and have fun and educate yourself about Dubai City so you can have fun on your Dubai Holidays! Begin by using the navigation menu on the left hand side and browse through our website one page at a time.

Welcome once again and we hope that you find this site on Dubai Holidays & Dubai Information helpful and valuable! Tell us you do and we will consider our jobs well done. Also let us know what you would like to see included on this website! Your input will help us shape up the direction of our hobby site in the future.

Welcome aboard once again and we hope that you enjoy your visit on our Dubai Information Site!

~Kish & Sunil

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