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4 Star Hotels in Dubai - Where Luxury Meets Your Budget

Sunil here to discuss the 4 star hotels in Dubai.

Dubai can be described as the ultimate hotel paradise. There are a lot of hotels in Dubai. From 2 star hotels to the only 7 star hotel in the world, any tourist can find a hotel that suits their preference and budget.

So are you a tourist who wants to experience the luxury of staying in a hotel in Dubai but could not afford the sky high prices of 5 star hotels or the only 7 star hotel in the city?

Worry no more because Dubai has a myriad of 4 star hotels to choose from.

The 4 star hotels in Dubai are moderately priced and offer deluxe service without burning a hole in your pocket. If you ask me, they are just as good. But then again, I am not very demanding when it comes to hotels.

Four star hotels in Dubai offer excellent value for money accommodations and state-of-the art facilities that could rival even the 5 star hotels in other countries.

Generally 4 star hotels have facilities which include a 24-hour business center, free wireless Internet access available in the public or room areas, a meeting room, a restaurant, a lounge bar and a coffee shop, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and elegant rooms and suites. Some hotels even have a babysitting service!

If you are planning to stay in a 4 star hotel when you tour Dubai, here are a few highly recommended ones:

The Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa is a conveniently located hotel with friendly staff. The hotel is right opposite Dubai Museum and the Creek is nearby and the boat rides are very cheap and very relaxing.

The Souks are across the creek and there are some markets near the hotel. To see some of the newer attractions, you will require a taxi ride or the Dubai metro tube ride. This hotel has a fantastic breakfast option and a really good Chinese restaurant.

The Qamardeen Hotel of Dubai is one of the favorite destinations among the hotels in Dubai for business and leisure travelers in search of a central location and opulent amenities that only the Southern Sun hotel chain can ensure. It has a WiFi access in the public areas, a restaurant and a coffee shop, a gym, swimming pool, and a babysitting service.

The Dubai Grand Hotel is nestled in the Damascus Street and is only 4 minutes drive from two of the international airports of United Arab Emirates. The hotel is also in proximity to many fine restaurants, cafe, shopping centers, markets and entertainment attractions that Dubai has to offer.

The hotel has 137 spacious and luxurious rooms that feature all modern day comforts to bring you a thoroughly enjoyable stay. This hotel is a little bit more expensive than the other 4 star hotels. It is a very good hotel, but I personally do not care for it that much.

Lastly, the Metropolitan Hotel Dubai is ideally located close to the Dubai World Trade Centre and is also just a short drive from Safa Park and the golden beaches of the Arabian Gulf. If you are a demanding business traveler or a tourist who wants to easily reach all the main business areas and interesting tourist sites, then this hotel is for you.

This hotel has ten restaurants and bars providing excellent quality and a wide choice of tastes from Chinese to Italian, spicy Indian to Moroccan. The facilities include a business center, a conference room with state-of-the-art equipment, banqueting facilities, a large outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a steam bath, as well as a cinema showing the latest films. If you do not know yet, watching movies is one of my top 10 favorite past times / hobbies that last time I took inventory.

So when you visit Dubai next, question yourself why you have to spend so much on hotels when you can check in to any of these nice 4 star hotels in Dubai for less? You will experience similar quality service and an elegant, cozy ambiance, all at a much affordable price.

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