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The Top 7 Things to do in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here with a list of the top 7 things to do in Dubai

This list was compiled by Jonesa, one of our loyal newsletter readers. She earned an entry to our quarterly free vacation giveaway raffle as a result as well as a chance to have her list be published on our website.

  Kish and I read over the list and agree with many of the "things to do in Dubai" as she listed.

We hope you find this helpful.

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The Big Bus Tour in Dubai

This is a good overall introduction to Dubai City. If you are new to Dubai, this tour will show you the places worth seeing. You can book your tickets before arriving in Dubai and can hop on and off anytime you want within the 24 hour valid period. The tour comes with a guide who will explain every place the bus passes through.

There are a few other tours you can take. One is the Wonder Bus tour which takes you through land and water and the other two are an air tour - one in a hot air balloon and one in a helicopter. The helicopter tour is expensive but very good. I have been to the hot air balloon tour and it is very good and very much affordable. I recommend this one.

Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

You can go dune bashing as part of the desert safari tour in Dubai. Dune bashing is a fun activity where you drive up and down the sand hills. It feels like a wild roller coaster ride. The tour comes with dinner and a belly dancer show. You can spend an entire day doing just this tour. I really liked it a lot and recommend it if you are fond of adventures. You also don't get to do this in many places of the world.

The Burj-Al-Arab 7 Star Hotel

This one is one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen. It looks like a sail ship and it is made of gold inside. I don't know how much it cost to build this hotel but I am sure it is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. It is a 7 star hotel.

There are 2 ways you can get in. You can pay or just go for a dinner reservation. If you pay and later decide that you want to eat, your pay is credited to your dinner bill. That way you don't really loose any money.

The Malls in Dubai

There are a ton of malls in Dubai. They are all very big and carry the best types of good. Many tourists go to Dubai to shop. I find shopping expensive but it is worth going to the malls to see them. Two of the big ones that come to mind are the Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates. The Emirates mall has an indoor skiing facility.

Deira Abra Ride

This is a very peaceful ride that takes you from one side of Dubai to the other. The other side is called Deira. The Abra is a wooden boat that you can ride to cross the Dubai creek. You can also get there by taxi but I recommend the boat. It is a very good experience for everyone and it will cost you only 50 fils. That is not even a full Dirham (the currency in Dubai).

The Gold Souk

After your Abra ride takes you to Deira, visit the Dubai gold souk. Souk means market in Arabic. So the Dubai gold market is what this place is. I have never seen so much gold all in one place. There are a ton of shops to choose from. Just like the malls, even if you don't buy anything I recommend you visit this place. It is worth the experience.

Indoor Ski Resort - Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an amazing facility. You can ski no matter how hot it is in Dubai. This place is located inside the Mall of Emirates. You can get a full day pass and go in and out as much as you want. You can even rent the ski suits and equipment. A great place to have fun with the family.

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