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Sunil here for a quick frugality based discussion on staying in Abu Dhabi apartments for longer stays, rather than expensive hotels.

Staying in a hotel is not always practical if you are staying in Abu Dhabi for a long time. In many cases such as if you are working there or plan to study in Abu Dhabi; hotels would cost you a lot as compared to staying in an apartment.

There are many apartments that are available for rent in many different areas of the city and it’s just a matter of finding the right apartment that suits your taste in the right neighborhood (which is all of them) that you want to stay in.

Two of the best ways to look for an apartment in Abu Dhabi is through classified ads in newspapers or searching online.

There are many websites that provide access to a listing of apartments for rent in different areas of the city.

Beware of fraudulent websites however, trying to get you to pony up money. Floor areas of Abu Dhabi apartments are usually available online, but not in newspapers.

These listings typically include the amount that landlords / apartments want the units rented for but haggling for a lower price is not a taboo at all. Feel free to negotiate. There are no guarantee of course, but during the recession apartments were being rented out at over a 50% discount. Some places have flat prices that you cannot influence. These are typically the higher end apartments or apartments that are located in exclusive areas of Abu Dhabi city.

Also keep in mind that rent for apartments can vary widely depending mainly on the amenities and the number of rooms and baths the specific unit has. Pricing can range from AED 25,000 to as much as 3-4 million AED. There are much cheaper apartments that you can get but of course the quality you will be getting for cheaper apartment in the suburbs is also not quite as good as the apartments in or just outside the city.

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” works here as well. Many students and single working expats sign co leases with roommates. It is always better to split rather than playing the rent all by yourself. You might want to discuss sharing an apartment with someone you know in Abu Dhabi who is in a similar situation as you. This obviously will not work if you had your family with you.

Typical styles of apartments are not really different from what you see in other countries. There are studio flat apartments with one bedroom and just a small kitchen and bath. There are others that have multiple bedrooms and bath with a common kitchen and living area. Logically, the bigger the apartment is, the pricier it becomes.

If you need help finding a suitable apartment, especially if you are new, you can always ask friends and co-workers if they know of a good place or if they can go with you for apartment hunting. First hand experience always helps. The internet can only do so much and most of the time it would be better to see the place before making any decisions.

Avoid making online transactions as much as possible when it comes to renting Abu Dhabi apartments. Never pay online in advance as well. Real estate is one area where I still feel stiffy about conducting transactions online. For all else, the Internet is wonderful.

Take all the precautions necessary so that you do not fall victim to fraudulent activities, often trying to take advantage of needs of expats and their lack of knowledge of the place. Prepare yourself as much as possible. Read online, talk to people, take your time and always get references from those with first hand experience when possible.

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