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Abu Dhabi Banks - What is Banking in Abu Dhabi Like?

Let’s talk about protecting your money in one of many Abu Dhabi banks

Whether or not you are a mainstay in Abu Dhabi or if you are just a tourist you will require banking services one way or another. You will be happy to know that there are quality Abu Dhabi banks that you can turn to for your needs.

Since Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE you can be sure that it’s one of those places that is not difficult to find a bank in.

There are many different banks in the city and you can have a choice of dealing with big banks or just those that provide local banking.

Either way there is a bank for you for any and all your needs.

There are a number of banks in Abu Dhabi, both for individuals and big businesses.

Big named banks like the National Bank of Abu Dhabi caters to both ends of the spectrum from the ones barely able to maintain a savings account to the multinational companies with multimillion dollar investments. As a policy in UAE banking, the banks cannot discriminate who they serve. However they can dictate what types of services they can provide to an individual or companies.

A good example of services that have limitations is when one opens an account. In many of the banks foreigners can open a bank account using their passports as identification; however they have limited banking options.

They will likely be denied if they tried to open a current account or a credit account since they don’t reside in the country. This is fairly reasonable and understandable since it would be difficult to contact you in the vent of unforeseen problems. But for ordinary savings account and money transfers these banks will be more than happy to provide assistance with these needs.

There are also many banks that offer electronic banking services such as ATM machines where you can get money out of your accounts. There are some banks in Abu Dhabi that have international branches or have counter parts in your country so you can withdraw directly from your account.

However, be advised as there is usually a service fee involved for international accounts withdrawals. Check with your bank to make sure; the fees can be hefty and add up real fast.

If you are a tourist to Abu Dhabi, I suggest you deal with bigger banks or those that have international ties. They are keener to taking you up as a banking customer. As an international traveler, they will also be able to provide you more services when compared to smaller local banks.

Banks in Abu Dhabi have a very good reputation overall, and are very much capable of meeting the needs of their different clients. It’s just that some banks are more flexible than others when it comes to moving money and opening certain type of accounts especially when it comes to foreigners or one time visitors to Abu Dhabi.

The key is research. Read online, talk to the banks directly, and talk to others in similar situations as you and find out how they are making it work for them.

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