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Is Abu Dhabi City the Next Dubai?

Hi there, Kish and Sunil here both bringing Abu Dhabi City to you after receiving numerous requests overtime to write about the this largest Emirate of UAE.

If you have been following us for a while, you must already know that whenever we go to Dubai, we do make a few trips to nearby Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We go to visit friends and family, and most importantly for Sunil to observe the rapidly growing economical environment.

  So is Abu Dhabi the next Dubai?

We think so. Except Abu Dhabi is much smarter, more patient and richer!

They have carefully studied the mistakes Dubai made on its way up.

The mistakes that became a catalyst as the global economic slowdown came upon the world in 2008.

Abu Dhabi might make new mistakes of its own, but it certainly won’t repeat Dubai’s.

In addition, Abu Dhabi has a much stronger financial foundation than Dubai. Dubai relied heavily on trade at its ports, tourism (hotel industry) and real estate appreciation because of the expat revolution when jobs were on the rise. Less than 7% of Dubai’s annual GDP came from oil. Abu Dhabi however was sitting on over 50 years of oil reserves as of 2008. They are just naturally more gifted.

Abu Dhabi is also more fiscally conservative. For example, we don’t think that it will gamble away futuristic oil revenue and securitize it to borrow money to rapidly develop real estate projects like Dubai.

See Dubai’s main problem, aside from the core fundamentals, is that it over promised (to the world) and under delivered. We wouldn’t say that it failed to see what was coming, rather it did not care to even think about it. If you have seen the 60 Minute interview with Sheikh Mohammed you know what we are talking about (a must watch video).

We have decided to dedicate some of our time developing this small sub section of our website. We plan on covering some of the same topics we covered for Dubai. We will keep adding to it as we continue to visit and learn more about Abu Dhabi City. We hope to be your guide as the city progresses to become a solid and desirable Emirate-Nation.

As AD develops, more jobs will be created and more expats will move causing the real estate infrastructure to develop as well as several industries to support a growing Emirate. Think about the development of Dubai. This will be no different on the surface, however much stronger in its foundation, fundamentals and future plans. At least that is what we believe, and that is what AD has promised us all :-)

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Map of Abu Dhabi

Geography of Abu Dhabi

A Bit About Abu Dhabi

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Economy

Jobs in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Transportation System

The Abu Dhabi Airport (ADIA)

More on Abu Dhabi Hotels

Abu Dhabi Luxury Hotels

Abu Dhabi city, the capital of UAE is full of adventure and luxury with the many luxury hotels to choose from. The selection of luxury hotels makes it difficult for anyone to choose which one to stay in.

Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel

When stuck in an airport and waiting for you plane, you often would wish you were at home in your bed instead of trying to find a decent bench to sleep in. The Abu Dhabi airport hotel saves you from this hassle. It?s a breath of fresh air for those in between flights or connecting flights or those so simply can?t get out of the Abu Dhabi airport.

Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

The Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi has been one of the major hotels in the city catering not just to the local needs of the city but also to the many tourists who have made the city as their vacation destinations. This hotel keeps to the standard of being at par with the rest of the world when it comes to hotel and restaurant service.

Sands Hotel Abu Dhabi

Ideally located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city, the Sands Hotel Abu Dhabi provides its guest and visitors easy access to the many districts of the city such as business and commercial. Its five star luxury hotel rating makes it a hotel that is difficult to ignore as you know that you are in very good hands staying in the Sands hotel.

Hilton Abu Dhabi

The Hilton Hotels all over the world have been known for their class and superb hotels. The Hilton Abu Dhabi lives to that standard providing not just accommodations for its guests but also a vacation or business trip worth remembering for years to come.

Beach Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Beach Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi provides its guests and visitors with the unique blend of cultures of Arabia and the breath taking lavishness of luxury that the modern world has to offer.

Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Intercontinental Hotel Abu Dhabi is one of the luxury hotels of the Intercontinental hotel and resort group. These hotels have set standards all over the world in providing quality and excellent hotel service that have made them globally well known.

Al Raha Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Al Raha Beach Hotel Abu Dhabi is one of the well known hotels in Abu Dhabi city. It is a 5-star Hotel that provides a stunning private beach that would have visitors and guests wanting to stay longer due to the service and ambiance that they are able to provide.

Baynunah Abu Dhabi

The Hilton Baynunah Abu Dhabi hotel is one of the most well known hotels in the areas. It towering height can be seen from anywhere in Abu Dhabi and the service and accommodations they provide are truly world class, making your stay very remarkable.

Al Maha Rotana

The Al Maha Rotana is one of the well known hotel suites that you can check in for your visit to Abu Dhabi city. With its tastefully done suites and studios it is easy for one to fall in love with the place and not to mention the great service and amenities that they provide.

Danat Resort Abu Dhabi

The Danat Resort Abu Dhabi is an ideal place if you want to stay away from Abu Dhabi city and truly experience the local culture. Its beautiful location sets a mood for those wanting peace and quiet and still enjoy the amenities of the modern world.

Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel

The Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel is one of the hotels in Abu Dhabi city with the intercontinental hotel and restaurant group providing the quality and service that they are known for throughout the world. This is one of the best choices you can in terms of hotels in Abu Dhabi.

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Abu Dhabi Powerboat Racing

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Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi

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