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Learn more about the Abu Dhabi culture in this discussion and why it is one of the most distinctive cultures in the world.

It brings thousands of years of well preserved traditions and cultures pegged on Islamic beliefs to new generations.

The main and official religion in Abu Dhabi is Islam.

Although Islam is the religion of the majority of its populace, compared to its neighbouring Islamic Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the most open city and the most tolerant to other religious organizations penetrating into its city.

While Abu Dhabi may be lenient and more tolerant, tourists should not mistake this trait as a leeway into getting things done their own way or live there like they have in more liberal countries or places because Abu Dhabi has its set of laws and regulations that must be abided by everyone, no matter where you may be from.

They will allow you to practice your cultural beliefs and religious rights but it is a strict Islamic law to try to convert any Muslim into your own religion and forcing them to eat pork or consume alcohol.

Covering up for women is also strictly practiced in this Islamic city. Men are also expected to dress modestly and tourists are expected to wear appropriate attire. Wearing swim wear nowhere near any body of water can get you incarcerated.

The Abu Dhabi CultureAbu Dhabi culture is one of the most diverse yet distinct cultures because according to its history, a multitude of traders and merchants have settled in the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and most of them have somehow left a tradition and incorporated some of their culture during their settlement in Abu Dhabi leaving it a more diversified city.

Abu Dhabi has also gone through globalization throughout the years and has made the capital flourish attracting people from all over the world to experience the culture and what Abu Dhabi has to offer.

The city has distinguished itself as a city of culture and arts where people from all over the world can experience these arts and culture conveniently in one place.

Women in Abu Dhabi are leading the bandwagon and have started to leave a mark in the international art scene. The music in Abu Dhabi is quite distinguishable and notable as it has been developed from its strong traditional roots.

Music in Abu Dhabi takes great part in their everyday lives and it is evident that music brings something to the table as there is music for every appropriate occasion even in working environments and personal occasions.

One of the most distinguishable aspects of the Abu Dhabi culture is its food. Arabic cuisine is abundant and can be found anywhere in Abu Dhabi with each place giving it an interpretation of their own.

One of the best aspects of Abu Dhabi culture that tourists can savour is the food and various cuisines of the place. The majority of the food they offer is a fusion of cuisines from one place and the other and will leave a deep and memorable good impression on anyone who tries it.

The food in Abu Dhabi share similarities between Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. Some of its famous food include the chick pea dip called Humus, Kibbe which is a form of meat patty, Khuzi which is roast lamb with spiced rice and meat casserole called Makbus to name a few.


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