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Sunil here to talk about the migration of Abu Dhabi expats and why.

Abu Dhabi expats continue to increase for many reasons such as work, living conditions and sometimes just for the whole different experience living in Abu Dhabi provides.

  Although there is also growth in nearby places like Sharjah and Dubai (fellow Emirates within the UAE), many expats are choosing to move and live in Abu Dhabi because of the Emirate’s stronger fundamentals (oil money – nuff said).

With rapid development and construction all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the dust can be unbearable to many.

This is one reason some folks moved to Abu Dhabi when Dubai was booming before the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.

People rather travel a longer distance for work (going into Dubai city or elsewhere) than to be subjected to that kind of condition resulting from non stop construction.

Not only is it loud and annoying, but it can also be potentially bad for your health.

If you are currently deciding whether or not to move to Abu Dhabi, there are certain pros and cons that will help you decide what would be the best course of action for you. One of the things you can consider for you and your family is the cultural exposure you will be subjected to.

Abu Dhabi has a great mix of culture allowing you to meet new people from all walks of life and also from different countries. This has its share of cons as well as the language barrier can sometimes be a problem.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Abu Dhabi that is popular amongst expats working in Dubai or within Abu Dhabi city itself, there can be a lot of places that you can rent, especially with the development of the coastline areas. Rent is typically high in Abu Dhabi. Similar to Dubai, land is scarce and demand is plenty. Price did crash during the recession, but are still generally relatively higher when compared to similar cities.

This is one of the major things that you really need to consider because rents usually cost around US $2,000 per month for a modest size apartment on the average. Accommodations in Abu Dhabi can be a major setback to your plans of moving to the area. So consider this in your overall plan.

Many Abu Dhabi expats negotiate their housing with their employers prior to signing on the dotted line. This is very common, the employers expect this and perhaps you can do that as well.

If the rent is not an issue for you, or if you think there are other aspects that outweigh the high cost of rent (i.e. more travel opportunities while in this city as it is close to other breath taking places that you might want your family to see and enjoy). The food is also great and quite cheap compared to other metropolitan cities (it is also very fresh and naturally healthy).

Because of the large culture mix in Abu Dhabi, you also get a diversified variety of food to choose from such as Pakistani, Indian, Lebanese and Nepalese food. When compared to other large cities around the world, these foods are far less expensive in Abu Dhabi, and you can even have them quickly delivered to your home when you’re too tired to cook. Working in Abu Dhabi can indeed drain you out.

Another positive aspect about Abu Dhabi is the number of great schools that children can go to. There are also a lot of outdoor recreational opportunities for the children, where adults like to keep them in. This keeps the kids healthy and in fit shape.

These are just a handful of things to consider when you are evaluating your decision to join other expats in Abu Dhabi. Sit down and weight out the pros and cons. Think about what is good for you, your family and your career.

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