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What is the Abu Dhabi Flag Like?


What is the Abu Dhabi flag and how it is one of the emirate’s best known symbols?  

Although it is very simple, this capital city adopted the structure of their present flag from the UAE flag. Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates under UAE, and even if the country has its own flag already, they still came up independently with their own banner.

The flag’s significant colors are red and white.

The flag design could be defined as a banner with the majority of red color background with a white rectangle that is placed on the top left side.

Most of the Islamic countries use the color red which is traditionally used by natives as a marker to a place they have set foot into and eventually own as their discovered lands.

Aside from the color red, the other three primary colors of Islamic state flags are green, black and white.

Similar with that of the UAE flag, which could have been the origin of the Abu Dhabi flag, the structure is simple. Red is still the dominant one and the other three are in equal rectangles which lies horizontally, one on top of the other, in the order of green, white then black.

The vertical half of the entire banner is occupied by the red part and as wide as the total flag’s width. By the way, the United Arab Emirates’ flag, is called the Emirati flag, yet sometimes, since Abu Dhabi is the capital city, then this may also be referred to as the Abu Dhabi flag.

The Abu Dhabi FlagThe colors that have been used for so long have special associations as it dates back to history. Black is illustrative of a scary war between tribes, while green is for the growth of a nation.

As mentioned earlier, red is indicative of a place and due to a lot of red confusing flags, tribesmen started to make identifications, and here is where that adding up of white pattern took place. As for Abu Dhabi, the white box was at the top-left corner of the flag.

However, before Abu Dhabi got its permanent flag’s look, it went through many changes. From a 1/8 solid vertical white plus ¾ red to a total red, then green to the present one with the small white rectangle.

Whatever happened, they still ended up with the white and red tandem as it was a strong choice among Arab countries as they kept it when the kingdom of Bahrain got its independence. People believe in the fortune that the flag brought Bahrain so all others went to doing the same thing.

In terms of the flag’s history, the flag of UAE came from the design of His Excellency Abdulah Mohammed Almuainah, an Emirati who served the government by his flag sketch and went on to winning the cash prize of Dh 4,000. He had six entries which were selected from the thousands that participated.

Again, the Abu Dhabi flag is a historical symbol of the capital emirate no matter how simple it appears. It brings the identity of the city, the culture and the heritage of the land.


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