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What is the ADGAS, an Abu Dhabi gas liquefaction company? They inform us about how natural gasses are manufactured and utilized.

Here are some of the facts you need to know. 

One of the many natural resources present here on Earth are the natural gases.

Natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane.

Before it can be used as a fuel, there is an extensive process used to remove most of the separate materials besides the methane.

There are deposits onshore and even offshore, some can be harvested independently and some are mixed with crude oil (i.e. associated gas). The associated gas must be separated before the oil can be refined and then exported.

There are certain by-products created as a result of the processing that include hydrocarbons like pentane, butane, and propane. The propane and butane are also utilized as fuels.

Abu Dhabi Liquefaction CompanyNot all of the said gases can be useful to humans and a lot of oil-producing countries waste these gases by burning them into our atmosphere, therefore, harming the environment in the process.

As an answer to this problem, the Abu Dhabi gas liquefaction company, ADGAS, started using the gas as fuel for their industrial plants and some other domestic purposes.

Due to excessive existence of this gas, they started supplying this surplus to other neighboring countries through special pipelines.

Unfortunately, not all of the countries who are interested in the utilization of this gas can be supplied. Another problem that arises is transportation.

Why? Because gas in its gaseous form is too huge in volume which would mean that the suppliers would have to pay large amounts of money just to have the product supplied. This would also mean that the product itself would be expensive for the consumers and therefore would not be available to the public.

In 1977 ADGAS found a solution for the problem and the solution was the liquefaction of gas by the process of cooling its temperature to minus 160ºC thereby reducing its volume by the ratio of 1:600. This enables the suppliers to easily transport the product in much reasonable expenses to the importers.

The importers would then store the gas in its liquefied form under the same temperature and then it could later be re-gasified to be used as fuel. In doing this, ADGAS has to build huge and advanced plants. One of which is located in Das Island which serves as the center of storage and export operations of crude oil and gas extracted from the Emirate’s offshore fields. 

The island lies within the territorial waters of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Its total area is about 2.5 km². Das Island is one of the most important industrial and petroleum center in the Gulf area. It serves as the location of highly sophisticated plants and facilities that are essential to the smooth operations of the liquefaction process of the company.

To double the production of the company, a third LNG train was built adjacent to the two liquefaction trains and the storage and loading facilities. This third train is designed and built to increase production capacity by about 2.5 million tonnes a year.

Aside from these technologies, ADGAS also promotes the protection of our environment. In doing this they have introduced many safer and eco friendly replacements such as glass fibres instead of asbestos gaskets, Diethyl Hydroxilamine (DEHA) instead of Hydrazine which is a known carcinogen used in boilers and friendlier replacement chemicals instead of acid cleaners.

Helping preserve our natural resources is a must so that even future generations can benefit from our environment.


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