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Let's discuss Abu Dhabi geography in this article, and the absolutely majestic scenery especially for those who are fond of unique environments.

Undeniably a Middle Eastern place, sand and desert are the main components of this terrain however you should know that there are wonderful buildings, land and water forms that are naturally preserved and considerably highlighting the beautiful tourist spots in the city.

The geographical location of Abu Dhabi is found 24 degrees, 28’ 0” up North and 54 degrees, 22’ 0” East of the globe.

This is the largest of the emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates, covering about eighty percent of the total land and 700 km long coastline of the surrounding waters of the country.

Abu Dhabi land forms are mostly desert and this covers mostly the terrain, for about three-fourths of the total land area.

On the other hand, the city area of the Abu Dhabi geography is located in a low island with gorgeous view of the skyline and roads that are lined-up with luscious greens.

Take a trip down the parks and gardens as they are beautifully and naturally landscaped. Also, Abu Dhabi is not at all soil and dry areas, there is also the Arabian Gulf which goes around the city and of course, it does complete the scenery of a perfect outdoors.

Abu Dhabi GeographyA part of what you can also expect when going to this city is the climate in Abu Dhabi.

Since it is a desert community, the weather is usually sunny and warm throughout the year.

But if you come in the months of June to September, you have to gear up as this heat could go double or even triple in temperature.

So it’s really really hot in here! The temperature runs up to 40 degrees centigrade or about a hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit.

Another phenomenon that you should be aware of is the presence of sand storms, visibility could go as negative as you couldn’t imagine.

The best time to be in Abu Dhabi is around October to May of the following year; although still humid, the night is enjoyable with its cooler winds.

Other natural attraction that you can see here at Abu Dhabi are the Hajar Mountain in the East, the city of Al Ain made of fertile soil that’s making the vegetation in the area very healthy, and the greens-and-water-abundant Liwa oasis that’s a home to the great sand dunes.

Abu Dhabi GeographyThe whole Abu Dhabi geography is not just a typical desert land, it is more of a historical natural resources that houses the beauty of both water and sands.

The terrain may be a flat and plain barren wasteland, but it boast much of its mountains that are adorned with healthy growing trees like palms and acacia, eucalyptus and many other decorative plants.

There are also some water bodies, but are not permanent such as the artificial lake at the Al Mabrazah and occasional waterfalls found at Jebel Hafeet.

Apart from this, there are cityscapes and modern establishments that make the terrain an all-in-one picture of a developing city.


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