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Let’s talk about Abu Dhabi history. The United Arab Emirates is composed of seven emirates, of which, Abu Dhabi is one of the most interesting in regard to events and details apart from being the capital of the country.

Stories behind the capital city unfold many of the facts that make it a place to be truly proud of.

The early Abu Dhabi history is wealthy in the traditions and folk beliefs. Culture in Abu Dhabi includes a way of living that is known as the Umm an-Nar.

This way of living includes the nomadic ways of herding and fishing as their primary source of living.

As time passed, Abu Dhabi, like other nations has been under the control of foreign powers.

Abu Dhabi has been influenced by much of the Hellenic civilization, the Portuguese and the Hormuz kingdom.

Portugal has included UAE in their world explorations, became their battle base against Iran and made its emirates their territory. However, during the same time, in the middle of the 18th century, Oawasim and Bani Yas, the well-known tribes from the lower Gulf, emerged. And we owe it to this confederation of the tribes for what is now modern Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi HistoryAdvancing to the 20th century when the economy was unstable due to the downfall of the world pearl market, thus, poverty was getting quite serious in the land, then a great turning point happened in Abu Dhabi.

One of the unique things about Abu Dhabi is that oil was first discovered here and it really paved the way for its economic growth.

Sheik Shakhbut, the ruler at that time, authorized oil allowances and eventually hit the highest point of their progress with a small population of just about 15,000.

The sheikdom of Shakhbut was uncertain of how long the oil would contribute to their economy so his move was to save whatever was profited and not place it into infrastructures or other investments.

The sheik’s brother had an opposite belief, and this lead to the previous’ replacement, as conferred by the Al Nahayan ruling dynasty.

The new sheik proved himself in his hard work, plotted out his plans for more development and envisioned the future UAE with his emirate as the capital. And on December 2, 1971, Abu Dhabi was recognized as UAE’s capital, keeping their economic progress rapidly growing.

Abu Dhabi HistoryAbu Dhabi history is really a great example of a rising community that have been through drastic changes, may it be from tribal feuds, foreign colonization, economic turmoil and new ruling sheiks.

Despite the many trials that Abu Dhabi went through, they still managed to be one of the most developed communities, as they even get to be the capital city.

One good thing is that up to present, the values, culture and traditions that they have grown up with, are handed down to the next generations with a continued refining of modernity with it.

Old things and even practices have been restored and assured that they will be preserved for more years and for the history to not die out, making it the best of both worlds.

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