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Sunil here to emphasize the need for quality Abu Dhabi Information

As a traveler to Abu Dhabi, getting the right information can mean a better experience during your stay in Abu Dhabi.

The right information can direct you to the best places to visit and to the best restaurants and bars to go to so that you can experience a nightlife that is truly very different.

Abu Dhabi’s rich culture and wonderful people are truly something worth learning about and getting to experience first hand.

Like anytime you plan travel, you always want to be provided with information that is beneficial to your trip and that would also be a reassurance that if there is anything you need you would be able to get information quickly and accurately.

So where do you get this information?

A number of possible places that you can get information is from the internet.

With many different websites that aims to provide travelers like you with information you need when you visit Abu Dhabi, there is a ton of free information online.

When dealing with the internet sites that provide travel information you have to take into account that many of these sites are marketing sites designed to offer different services and tours that may be a bit exaggerated so that they are able to sell. There may be many popup windows that can be rather annoying. I hate those personally.

That said, there are several government agencies that provide assistance to tourist and travelers like yourself have websites that you can get up to date information from. The embassy website is one of the most reliable sites on the internet that you can get information regarding what places are best to visit and what things to try out in Abu Dhabi. The UAE Embassy provides the best information regarding visitors from different countries and cities in the region and you can also get assistance regarding your travel papers and visa.

When looking for a website as your primary source for Abu Dhabi information, choose a website that frequently updates its information and is easy to navigate through so that getting information is very easy. You can bookmark this to your browser so that you can visit the site anytime without having to search for it again.

Also choose the site that has limited advertisement and the one that provides direct information so that you can be sure that the information you are getting is not just some marketing stunt that is luring your to a specific restaurant, hotel or club.

It is ok for you to check out other sites for comparison if you have enough time to browse through the internet, however for your more serious inquiries stick to the websites that you know you can rely on such as sites that provide genuine information and sites linked with the government or have affiliation with the tourism department.

How do you spot these sites? These sites usually are usually accredited with a logo of the tourism department and other government affiliates. So the next time you are on the Internet, try to observe the different websites that provide Abu Dhabi information and choose a reliable one that fits your information needs.

PS: Our website is printer friendly. We highly recommend you print pages of interest and take with you on your trip. Our readers often compile binders of information before they visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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