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Abu Dhabi Jobs on the Rise

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the hot Abu Dhabi jobs

For those following the Gulf Coast Region (GCC), it is no secret that Abu Dhabi jobs are on the rise.

The Emirate is expanding and prospering steadily over time and is paced to surpass Dubai and become the economical and cultural leader of the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi has learned from Dubai’s mistakes.

It also has solid oil reserves to sustain its growth over time.

Backed by sound leadership, jobs in Abu Dhabi are on pace to increase faster than before due to an expanding economy.

Because of the rise in Abu Dhabi jobs, expatriate migration will increase, creating a larger community and demands of all kinds.

This also presents entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals and businesses, thus leading to more Abu Dhabi jobs.

Abu Dhabi Jobs on the Rise

Several recruiting companies have opened offices in Abu Dhabi after observing several multinational companies establishing local operations in the Emirate. This activity is only projected to increase over time.

This mass movement is projected to create thousands of jobs in Abu Dhabi, if not more, in the coming years. Despite economic slowdowns, Abu Dhabi is poised and paced to expand because of its sound leadership and strong fundamentals (oil reserves). The types of jobs in Abu Dhabi are and will continue to be vast in nature. There is guaranteed to be a place for everyone wanting to work in Abu Dhabi.

There is always demand for top talent to work in Abu Dhabi. If you have the right qualifications and credentials, employers in Abu Dhabi are willing to hire, in good times or bad. So don’t let economic cycles preclude you from applying for a job in Abu Dhabi.

Consider the following:

Finance Jobs in Abu Dhabi

There is strong demand for finance jobs in Abu Dhabi today. There will always be a need for financial services professionals anywhere there is a lot of wealth. Abu Dhabi is one of the richest places on a per capita basis. Consider the fact that industrial and consumer activity will only rise with time. The growing wealth, population and activity in Abu Dhabi will create a significant number of finance jobs in the future.

Hospitality Jobs in Abu Dhabi

The hospitality sector in Abu Dhabi will explode in the future. It is already quite a destination for travel and tourism, including business travel, which has created the need for top end restaurants, hotels and a holistic travel and tourism industry that desperately needs professionals in the hospitality industry. Hospitality jobs in Abu Dhabi are projected to rise more than any other sector in the coming years. Just take a look at what happened to Dubai during its boom!

Engineering Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Engineering is imbedded in the roots of Abu Dhabi. Engineering jobs in Abu Dhabi were hot yesterday, are hot today and will be hotter in the future. Note: The oil and gas field is very hot!

Civil Engineering Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Civil engineering jobs in Abu Dhabi in particular will be in highest demand. As the Emirate expands and builds its infrastructure out even more, there will be a ton of demand for civil engineers to shape up the way the Emirate will look in the coming years.

Construction Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Take a look at what happened to Dubai during its boom. Need I say more? Consider the fact that when all is said and done Abu Dhabi will be much bigger, richer, broader, diversified and popular than Dubai. After all, it is stronger fundamentally and has a sound leadership in place (they make calculated decisions unlike Dubai’s rulership). Also, did you know that it was Abu Dhabi that bailed Dubai nineteen thousand times when Dubai got hit during the 2008 global economic crisis?

Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi

There are thousands of expatriates living in Abu Dhabi; and this number is exponentially going to increase as more Abu Dhabi jobs open up. These expats will bring their children with them, so the demand for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi is paced to increase in direct correlation. Several schools and universities are being planned for development in Abu Dhabi in the coming years. Teachers will be needed to staff them all.

Medical Jobs in Abu Dhabi

In its thirty year plan official government document (The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030), Abu Dhabi has pledged top class healthcare. Efforts will focus on this sector equally as much as any other. The best doctors will be recruited from around the world to establish a solid healthcare sector. Particularly, doctor and nursing jobs in Abu Dhabi are paced to increase significantly in the coming years.

Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi

The rise in sales jobs in Abu Dhabi is also directly tied to the expected boom in population. As expatriates move into the Emirates, there will be a need for sales jobs in all areas of business; financial, healthcare, auto sales, insurance, consumer and commercial goods, etc.

Computer Jobs in Abu Dhabi

It goes without saying that computer jobs in Abu Dhabi will rise to keep pace with the growth in economy and population. Technology is the underlying foundation of modern day society as infrastructure is built on or with heavy reliance on technology. Abu Dhabi jobs in the technology sector are expected to grow significantly.

Real Estate Agents Jobs in Abu Dhabi

The need for real estate agent jobs in Abu Dhabi will solely depend whether expatriates are allowed to purchase property in Abu Dhabi. Dubai opened up expat ownership of property in Dubai to stimulate economic investment and encourage long term expat visit routines to Dubai. Dubai also gives residence visas to property owners in Dubai. Whether Abu Dhabi decides to follow suit will dictate how the real estate sector evolves performs economically.

HR Jobs in Abu Dhabi

HR is the life blood of any mature, multi national company. To be able to operate at a high level, companies must recruit top talent. As more companies set up shop in Abu Dhabi, HR jobs in Abu Dhabi will grow to fill thousands of positions created by these companies.

Most mature companies go through head hunters or professional recruiting firms to fill in open positions. Companies in Abu Dhabi also use these intermediaries to fill in Abu Dhabi jobs, and will continue to do this in the future.

Working in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are looking for a better opportunity, consider a career change or relocation, Abu Dhabi jobs are worth considering, especially if you can get in early to be a part of a rising tide that will dominate in the years to come.

Particularly, sectors like hospitality, engineering, construction and finance have tons of opportunities today and will continue to have them tomorrow. There is no saying when, and if the rapid growth of the Abu Dhabi economy will slow down. Based on the fundamentals we see today, it is hard to imagine that it will ever.

There is a non ending list of projects in the pipeline with unlimited money supply to back it up. Companies are in line to establish business operations and Abu Dhabi jobs are rising faster than ever before.

The environment presents a wonderful opportunity for you to get in early and be a part of a wave that is rising stronger with more momentum by the day. Think about Google and Microsoft. What happened to those who got in early? They became instant millionaires as the companies grew rapidly. Abu Dhabi jobs present the same opportunity for you today.

Negotiating Salary in Abu Dhabi

Few things to keep in mind while negotiating a salary package when you land a job in Abu Dhabi.
  • Basic salary
  • Housing allowance
  • Airfare back to your home country
  • Insurance
  • Schooling fees for children
  • Currency denomination of your salary
  • Fuel and vehicle expense

How to Get a Job in Abu Dhabi?

Contacting local recruiters in Abu Dhabi is a good start. To the extent possible, applying in advance to lock in interviews when you visit Abu Dhabi is advisable to maximize your time. Build relationships with reputable recruiting agencies and provide them with your most updated resume, catered for the job you are applying for (not just any generic resume). The Internet is a good place to start.

All that said, securing a job in Abu Dhabi, or any foreign country is not straight forward because each country has its own rules and regulations. The Middle East is particularly different for several reasons. That said, it is a very positive and promising place to work. You just have to see what is developing and what is coming to blow your mind away.
The Abu Dhabi Job Guide
No matter how well you research companies and prepare for the interview and demonstrate your willingness to be part of a historical and growing trend, remember that there are very specific steps you must learn about and take in order to secure your ideal job in Abu Dhabi.

The bottom line is that Abu Dhabi jobs are on the rise and in high demand. This trend will expand and continue into the future as the Emirate establishes itself as the GCC cultural and economical leader. They are very well poised and paced to do so.

Working in Abu Dhabi comes with world class benefits such as tax free income, luxury living, state of the art facilities and a luxury lifestyle not many can afford to live. It is a great opportunity for you to build a brighter and more secure future for your family.

To save time, money and effort in your job search, resume preparation and interview process, I highly recommend the Job in Abu Dhabi Guide. The guide is one of its kind and is put together from first hand and practical experience. The Abu Dhabi job guide is a step by step guide that covers researching, resume preparation, job interviews, securing a job and all the details involved in moving to Abu Dhabi.

Tons apply everyday, often left with no responses and only frustration. Don’t fall into this group. There are some very specific factors to learn and consider when applying for Abu Dhabi jobs to ensure you get the position you want amidst your competition.

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