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Abu Dhabi University - A Beacon of Higher Education

The Abu Dhabi University although a younger university relative to the world’s elite universities, promises the commitment to higher education to the many people who have joined its ranks.

With its selective admissions process, the university ensures their students are the cream of the crop and are privileged to get a dynamic, world-class education.

If you are looking for a university to go to in Abu Dhabi, or one to send your teenager to, you can include this in the university or institutions to consider, as there is a lot of potential and opportunity for you to get high quality education within your back yard.

Although anyone can apply, not everyone makes it through the admission process.

As I mentioned earlier they are very selective of the student that they accept.

They ensure each student gets the due attention given the quality of education and training that the university likes to give.

There is no discrimination in applying.

Anyone can apply, regardless of race, nationality, gender and color.

This also ensures students are exposed to a diverse group of school mates in a global world that we have today.

Once admitted you will immediately see that this is a highly competitive university. This is evident when you are exposed to the kinds of students and professors within the university. The professors you will see comes from different parts of the world and have degrees from other prestigious universities, making them some of the best educators in the world.

You will not just experience learning from one culture but from many different cultures as well. English is the primary means of instruction so it would give you an advantage if you speak the language proficiently.

However there are some subjects that are taught in Arabic. If you further want to increase your proficiency in English there is an English language institute designed to help learn English at all levels. There are many colleges and courses that are offered through the university, so you have a wide variety of choices to choose from.

When it comes to the student’s life in campus, education is not only taught in the confines of the classrooms. There are many activities and services off campus as well that allows the students to learn more about themselves and others.

There are transportation services for students who live off campus so that they have access to easier and safer means of traveling. Health services are also offered to students in cases of medical emergencies or if they require health care service.

The Abu Dhabi university has so many things to offer both to students and professionals at many different levels. I highly encourage you to check out their website and just browse through what the university stands for and has to offer. Hope you like what you see.

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