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Choosing the Perfect Accommodation in Dubai

Hi – Sunil here to talk about your accommodation in Dubai

You don’t necessarily have to stay in a hotel in Dubai.

You can really stay wherever you want.

But when it comes to choosing just one of the many types of accommodations in Dubai you certainly have your work cut out for you.

With your choice of hotels, hotel apartments, villas, and beach homes you can plan a vacation or business trip that is perfect for your taste, style, and budget.

In such a compact area it is amazing that there are so many options but the fact is Dubai is big on tourism and it shows.

The hotels are where many families and business people stay. In just the past two years there have been additions of almost 2,000 hotel rooms with almost 30 more hotels slated to open in the next year alone.

The hotels are usually booked up well in advance and show an amazing 86% occupancy rate even during the heat of the summer.

There are budget hotels, deluxe hotels, and of course the only 7-star hotel in the world. From the low cost to the budget breaker you can find a myriad of hotel choices all through Dubai.

If a standard hotel chain isn’t for you or you are staying longer in Dubai and need a Dubai accommodation for an extended stay you may want to stray away from the hotels and choose a Dubai hotel apartment which is set up like a hotel system where you can check in and out when needed, but it is basically an apartment.

For large groups or families or a person looking for all the comforts of home, a hotel apartment is a great choice. They come complete with kitchens, laundry; the privacy of having your own entrance and tons of amenities it makes longer stays much more inviting.

Dubai Hotel Apartments

The best thing is you can stay as long as you need to while having the convenience of living in your own apartment. The prices are usually much more reasonable than the hotel Dubai accommodations which make it easier to plan for a longer trip.

Another popular type of accommodation in Dubai is the villas. Dubai villas can be found throughout Dubai with the majority being centered around the Dubai Marina which is a popular place for shopping and tourism. They are rented on short term basis and are similar to hotel apartments but you have your own little home which tends to be more charming and enjoyable for families or people looking for complete privacy.

Beautiful Dubai Villas

The Villa is the #1 preferred residential accommodation in Dubai

Villas can be high quality, sophisticated places to stay or they can be a little sparse depending on the price you want to pay. Also more affordable than traditional hotels they work for people staying two to four weeks or so.

Kish’s family has a villa right off of Jumeirah beach road. I love going to the second floor and just starring out of their balcony at the beach.

Her mom used to say that the shore was a lot closer before the recent developments started. The government then ordered to dump more sand to extend the coast outward so that water doesn’t overflow and damage the establishments close to the shore.

Finally you have the beach homes which are a bit more exclusive but well worth the money. They have all the amenities of the 5 star hotels with a little more of a homey feel to them.

Usually equipped with state of the art facilities and amenities beach homes and apartments are for the families that want to be directly on the beach but can spread out among the home. Some come with housekeeping service as well, but some do not so make sure to find out if there is an extra fee for housekeeping.

All in all it is a great compromise between a hotel and an apartment that offer some great views and easy access to the beach – which is usually outside of your front door.

With so many options to choose from you may be overwhelmed but just consider what is most important to you in selecting your accommodation in Dubai. You can easily find everything you and your family needs to experience the best stay while in Dubai.

If you prefer a hotel like majority of Dubai visitors do, I recommend using our third-party network of Dubai hotels to take advantage of significant discounts and pre-arranged deals throughout the year.

You can sort your search by consumer rating, price, a specific hotel you have in mind, location and star rating. You can also choose to pay in your local currency if you wish. Kish and I, and our friends have always enjoyed significant hotel discounts each time we have decided to stay in a hotel in Dubai.

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