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Al Fanar Rotating Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Hi, Kish here to talk about the Al Fanar rotating restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

This is my favorite restaurant in Abu Dhabi (as of 2008 at least). If that changes we will definitely let you know.

It is located on the roof top of the Le Royal Meridien Hotel.

We like this restaurant for many reasons, but mainly because it is up high and gives you a great view of the city, especially at night when the lights kick in effect.

Viewing the city in the night is a pleasure in itself, not to mention the great dining experience offered by Al Fanar.

Whether you are having breakfast or dinner, the food is excellent. You can pick pretty much anything from the dinner menu and it will be excellent. Prices range widely but all options are A La Carte.

And speaking of breakfast, brunch it is a very popular activity in Abhu Dhabi.

This restaurant has one of the more popular brunch options called the Bubbly Brunch.

Definitely add this to your list of “to do’s” in Abu Dhabi.

Brunch is served from 12:30 to 3pm and will set you back about 175 Dirhams or about $48 per person.

  • Reservations: Recommended (971) 2-674-2020 (not necessary)

  • Attire: Hip / Trendy Casual

  • Ambience: Elegant

  • Transportation: Taxi (learn about the cabs in detail in the Abu Dhabi transportation section)

  • Must Do’s: Go on an early evening so you can witness the sunset as you dine (particularly recommended for lovey dovey couples). You will see the city convert into a beautiful lighting exhibit.

  • Dancing/Drinks & Afterparty? Sax Bar (located right inside the Le Royal Meridien).
Al Fanar Rotating Restaurant
An alternative way to continue on with your evening would be the Jazz Bar at the Hilton International Hotel.

This is a short cab ride away down the Corniche.

It is also a busy place, but a perfect way to conclude any romantic evening.

Good luck to you!

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