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The American University of Dubai - Top Notch Education in Middle East

Kish here to talk about the American University of Dubai

I do not have first hand experience, but I can speak from my sister’s experience, who did her studies here. I also have several friends who graduated from this university in Dubai.

The American University of Dubai (AUD) is one of the universities in Dubai with a private and non-sectarian educational institution of higher learning that was established in 1995.

It bridges the gap between the East and West as it serves local and international students seeking quality learning and career oriented education.

Students can enjoy newly recognized Middle Eastern Studies, extensive abroad studies, and exchange programs.

Rest assured that globalization is at hand with the American University of Dubai. Sunil would be proud of me for admitting to that!

The AUD campus is nestled in the west suburbs of Dubai close to the Dubai Media City and near Dubai Internet City. The university boasts its programs for being US and UAE accredited.

From the year it was founded up till 2007, AUD was just accredited as an American InterContinental University (AIU) by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and later, AUD was granted as a separate unit accreditation proving the progress of the university in terms of quality education. Through this, AUD has now become one of the top choices of the students wanting to gain excellent US education in the Middle East.

Students will have the opportunity to succeed in a quality learning environment because of the skill-based and professionally trained degree programs, as well as support of modern facilities and state of the art technology. The university has a positive learning ambience that will stimulate you to study, and exercise your chosen discipline to the fullest in a collaborative mood. Students' accomplishment in their preferred field is the eventual ordeal of the efficiency of the education presented by AUD.

AUD continuously serves it mission of fulfilling the educational needs for very diverse students through excellence in learning and teaching that will lead to professional, intellectual and personal success of their graduates, while contributing to the advancement of society.

As an educational community, AUD commits to serve each other in achieving their goals. The university emphasizes on the growth of their students in terms of learning, professionalism and personal advancement. AUD periodically evaluates its programs, activities and policies so that it is very dynamic in these changing times. As an international institution of higher learning, global understanding is encouraged through an atmosphere of diversity in culture and opportunities for an international education.

In terms of academics, the American University of Dubai is well organized into Departments and Schools: Mohammed bin Rashid School of Communication (offers a Bachelor of Communication and Information Studies), School of Engineering, School of Business Administration (offers BBA and MBA degrees), Department of Visual Communication (offers BFA Degree in Visual Communication), Department of Information Technology (offers BIT Degree), Department of Interior Design (offers BFA Degree in Interior Design), Division of Liberal Arts and Center for English Proficiency.

The fees for undergraduate studying in AUD are very reasonable as it ensures the maximum number of students are given a shot at quality education. A tuition fee for fall or spring semesters for full time students with 12 to 16 credit hours is US $8577.27 or AED 31,500.00. For part time students, the tuition fee is US $748.51 or AED 2,750.00 per credit with less than 12 credit hours.

A tuition overload will cost US $571.82 or AED 2,100.00 per credit. Additional fee of US $27.23 or AED 100.00 is charged per semester for Service fee. For summer class, tuition fee for full time (7 – 9 credit hours) is US $5,146.36 or AED 18,900.00 per credit, and part time (less than 7 credit hours) is US $748.51 or AED 2,750.00 per credit. The same fees apply for service and overloading. Graduate students fees at AUD are US $786.65 or AED 2,900.00 per credit.

As a premiere university in the city of Dubai, AUD is your best choice for a US based educational learning. For the caliber of the university that it is, tuition costs are fairly reasonable. Consider AUD the next time you are faced with a college related decision.

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