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Hi there - Sunil here to talk about the amusement parks in Dubai

You already know by now that Dubai is striving to be the number one place for tourism in the world. In order to be that, it has to offer the best of everything.

This is good for you! Dubai has some of the best amusement parks in world.

Of course you have a lot of options in Dubai, but the amusement parks in Dubai are just as much fun as the shopping, clubbing, flea markets, historical monuments and climbing the dunes.

In fact, soon there will be the largest theme park in the world there – Dubailand. It will be larger and more exciting than any other amusement park could ever dream to be.

Dubailand originally had a tentative date of 2008 but has fallen a bit behind.

It is located on Emirates Road in Dubai which is only 10 minutes from the airport, and only 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi.

It is definitely going to be the best of the Dubai amusement parks with plenty of attractions for the entire family, theme based rides, luxury hotels, and plenty of shopping.

With some of the best state of the art rides it will thrill you even if you are the most die hard amusement park rider. This Dubai amusement park will have the largest Ferris Wheel in the world as well as a modern day Jurassic Park ride.

Dubailand Amusement Park

Complete with different themes, you can swim with dolphins, fly over the Antarctic and even ski! It really is going to be an incredible adventure for you and your family. I cannot wait to go with Kish!

For now though you still have plenty of other Dubai amusement parks to choose from. One of the best is Children’s City. It is the complete entertainment package that is a must see. It caters mostly to children between two and fifteen years old and emphasizes the educational aspect of entertainment.

With plenty of exhibitions and educational workshops, it can be extremely fun for children, as well as give them a place to learn. It does have a lot of school children who go there so it may be best to visit in the afternoon when it is less busy.

Weekends can be extremely crowded as well, but it is definitely worth the trip if you have children with you when you visit Dubai. It is open from 9am to 8:30pm so it gives you plenty of time to visit.

Since it is so warm in Dubai much of the year, you can’t forget one of the Dubai amusement parks which really makes a splash with both children and adults. The Wild Wadi Water Park is amazing.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Situated between the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab, it is an Arabian themed water park spread over twelve acres. That is huge!

With over 30 rides you can enjoy the Master Blaster, body boarding, the largest wave pool in the Middle East, a relaxing river ride, sound and light shows, a free fall speed slide, and even Juha’s show which is an interactive show featuring water cannons and other games.

It gets very crowded so if you are looking for quieter times you should avoid the mornings and weekends so you don’t have to wait too long to get on some of the rides.

All in all, the amusement parks in Dubai feature entertainment, education, and lots of fun. Whether you choose a large theme park like Dubailand or something geared just for children, you surely will enjoy the amusement parks and play lands that Dubai has to offer.

And the best thing is that Dubai will continue to build bigger and better ones in the future.

Here is a neat video of the water park by Joeri Viekken

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