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For centuries Arabic girls in Dubai have been portrayed as uneducated veiled, blinded females that lacked individuality, voice and strength. 

This insulting stereotype has been perpetuated by the media.  However Arabic girls are fashionable, intelligent, accomplished and sexy.  

The wearing of a hejab, or covering is a conservative Muslim trend but has also become a personal choice embraced by many Arab women today. 

They possess a quiet and seductive nature that is enhanced by their demure dress and grooming.  

This element of the “unknown” has peeked the curiosity of many western and foreign men. 

With hair as black as the night and smooth as a silken veil, flawless olive colored skin, doe shaped eyes that seem to sparkle with life and full pouting lips, Arab girls have become the envy of Western women and very sought after as companions. 

Their impeccable display of modesty and respect for their men have distinguished them as prime catches.  Arab girls, contrary to popular belief, are flirty, bold, confident, sexy and voluptuous. 

Dubai has become a citadel of liberalism in the Middle East.  You can meet beautiful girls at the shopping centers, nightclubs and markets.   There is no shortage of opportunities here.  If you like the internet scene there are many online sites such as and 

These sites include photo galleries and dating profiles and offer a safe way to meet and interact with beautiful Arab girls.  If you are looking for something a little less impersonal and enjoy night life there are many great places to choose from.  One thing to keep in mind is that these night clubs are more upscale than your average bar or tavern. 

You will not see tabletop dancers or scantily clad waitresses in Dubai nightclubs.  You will however find many beautiful Arab girls frequenting these clubs.  Clubs such as the Cyclone – Al Nasr leisure land Karama has become notorious for being a meet and greet spot for singles. 

Arab girls, just like American girls, love to have a good time and enjoy the night scene.  Another hot spot and one of the busiest nightclubs in Dubai is the Kasbaa Royal Mirage Hotel.  This nightclub is a must visit if you’re looking for beautiful Arabian girls. 

Built on three levels, the entire hotel is decked out Arabian style with mosaic’s and traditional Arab décor.  The music is also Arabic and played by some of the best DJ’s. 

Arab girls, just like American girls, love to have fun.  So if you’re looking to find a beautiful Arab companion come to Dubai, relax and enjoy the view.


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