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Atlantis Dubai - The Ultimate Resort in the Arabian Peninsula


Atlantis the Palm is probably the most stupendous resort in the Arabian Peninsula, and is blissfully anchored on Dubai’s acclaimed man-made Palm Island.

Inspired by the myths of the Atlantis and conceived as a casino free version of the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas resort, the Atlantis is appointed with some of the finest amenities in the world such as a sprawling waterpark - Aquaventure, Paradise Island, 2000 meters of retail space, 1500+ lavish retreats, and over 20 world class diners.









Located just 35 minutes away from Dubai International Airport (DXB), and 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), the Atlantis has played host to some of the most prestigious guests from around the globe including Usher, Michael Jordan, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Robert Di Niro, Sir Richard Branson, Denzel Washington, the Duchess of York and Chris Tucker.

Despite its unsurpassed characteristics, the Atlantis has been criticized on several occasions, with the most significant being the $20 million dollar fireworks display that lasted 10 minutes, making it the world’s most expensive and spectacular launch party that some claim was even visible from space.

Everything about the Atlantis Resort is larger than life, making it the ultimate destination for couples and families alike. This resort sets the stage for grandiose illusions, and is woven with extensive trails of discovery, cosmopolitan boutiques, indulgent spas, and sugary white beaches.

Accommodations at the Atlantis, it’s all about the Wow Factor!

Harsh reality is that staying at Atlantis the Palm Resort is an expensive affair, but if you have bucketloads of money too spurge and literally want to live in the ocean, there’s no better retreat. The 1600+ rooms at the Atlantis are divided into two accommodation towers of more than 20 storeys’s each. Also referred to as the Royal Towers, the two wings are linked together by the ultimate Royal Bridge Suite.

Spanning across the arc, the Bridge suite is the best you can get at $25,000 a night, which includes your own private guarded entrance, a dedicated team of world class chefs, butlers, a dining room that’s seats 16 guests, 3 expansive bedrooms, an extravagant living room and two separate terraces.

The three storey aquarium anchoring the Atlantis can be viewed at any time from the luxurious Neptune and Poseidon suites, which will set you back a mere $1000 per night. These aquatic themed retreats are fitted with floor to ceiling windows that offer unobstructed views of the epic Ambassador Lagoon, which boasts over 65,000 species of exotic marine life.

There are several other categories of guestrooms at the Atlantis that start at $800 per night, and include partial views of the Arabian Sea, a host of modern day amenities and complimentary passes to the Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Aquaventure Waterpark.

Entertainment at the Atlantis Dubai

With its majestic scale and ingenuity, the Atlantis has transformed into an iconic landmark on Palm Island, and offers a myriad entertainment options for young and old and everyone in between. Starting with the exhilarating 17 hectare waterpark – Aquaventure packed with pools, slides and even dolphins.

Another delight for adults and children is the 4.5 hectare dolphin bay, which is one of the most seasoned dolphin habitats in the world. There are a number of ways to interact with the Dolphins, and whether you’re a staying at the Atlantis or simply a visitor, these charismatic creatures are bound to hit your soft spot.

Experience heart thumping action at state of art water slides such as the Ziggurat, which is the centerpiece of the park, and resembles a Mesopotamian temple. For the slothful and sluggardly, there are escalators that transport you back up to the top of your rides so that you never have to leave your tube.  

You can choose to be catapulted through shark filled lagoons or simply relax in the midst of lush tropical landscapes and the miles of beachfront promenades. While guests are granted complimentary access to all the water mania at the Atlantis, visitors can equally indulge in the action for $75 per day.

Dining and Shopping at the Atlantis

With over 20 restaurants and bars to choose from, all dominated by world renowned chef, dining at the Atlantis is the ultimate gourmet treat for globetrotters. Each restaurant features its unique menu and setting, which is something that truly sets the Atlantis apart from the other hotels in the Arabian Peninsula.

The plethora of dining choices at the Atlantis are simply overwhelming from expansive diners that can accommodate up to 500 guests such as the Saffron and kaleidoscope to a succulent selection of A la carte dishes that can be had at virtually any hour in the privacy of your room.  

Some of the go to restaurants at the Atlantis are Levantine – a Lebanese Diner, Ossiano – set in an aquatic setting and headed by master chef Santi Santamaria, and world class Japanese restaurant Nobu, which serves tantalizing flavors in the midst of a stunning ambience. For shopping buffs, the Atlantis does not disappoint with over 200 upscale retail choices including Tiffany & Co, Porsche Design, Roberto Cavalli and Chopart among many others.

Atlantis offers the Ultimate Experience for Kids

There so much to see and do for kids of all ages at the Atlantis Dubai from mocktails served at their own personal bar, the Club Rush dance club, to expansive entertainment zones and internet cafes. What appeals to kids the most is The Zone – a state of the art arcade that boasts some of the finest gaming gadgets in the world such as shooting, racing and full motion simulators.

Designed specifically for younger children, the Atlantis Dubai’s Kid’s Club is an excellent choice, and the activities are bound to keep your little one busy and intrigued for hours on end.

Final Thoughts of the Atlantis

The 4000+ traveler reviews on TripAdvisor indicate that staying at the Atlantis is definitely a surreal experience even at the staggering costs, and as for my personal take, I couldn’t agree more!

Atlantis the Palm truly reflects what one would expect from a billion dollar themed hotel, and while the garish appearance upon first glance may make you think otherwise, the service, architecture and the setting are simply faultless.

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