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Bars and Nightclubs in Abu Dhabi

Hi, Sunil here to talk about some of the bars and nightclubs in Abu Dhabi.

Alright, here we go.

Every tourist wants to know where the best bars and nightclubs are in Abu Dhabi.

Well I cannot say that I have been to all but I have been to some and I will attempt to summarize the better ones in my opinion.

If you find one that is good, do let me know so I can continue to add to this list.

Kish and I would also love to hear your story and experiences going out in Abu Dhabi.

So before I list out the venues, just a few things to keep in mind:

  • No drinking and driving
  • Don’t get caught walking the streets intoxicated or with an open container of alcohol
  • If you are Muslim you will NOT be served liquor
  • If you are not a Muslim, you must be 21 to drink (always carry a legitimate ID)
  • No kids are allowed in these venues. Leave them home
  • Always look for happy hour offers. Most bars in Abu Dhabi have happy hour
  • Attire is usually trendy / casual
  • Attire in outdoor bars are a bit more relaxed
  • No shorts, sandals, flip flops and ball caps are allowed unless it’s an outdoor bar

So here is my collection of best bars and nightclubs in Abu Dhabi

Captains Arms

Popular place for the young corporate crowd as they socially gather after work on most evenings. Happy hour starts as early as 5pm. This pub is located at the Le Meridien Hotel. The NRG Sports Bar is also located here.

Jazz Bar and Hemingways at the Hilton Hotel

These are two separate restaurants. I have nominated these to have the best appetizers / snacks in town. Overall food is also very good. Both these places offer a lot of great deals so be on the lookout.


At the Le Royal Meridien is one of the busiest ones in Abu Dhabi

Trader Vics

I love this place both as a bar and a restaurant. If you are there to enjoy drinks, I highly recommend trying their famous Mai Tai drink.


At the Dana Hotel is an American bar. No it is not affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers.

Chi Chi's

Excellent mixed drinks and the best Margaritas in town. Go on a Tuesday evening and you can order Margaritas all day for only 5 Dirhams with a food item order. That is not even $2!


The best sports bar in town with the biggest and brightest flat screen TVs. This is a popular expat hangout in downtown and is located inside the Crowne Plaza hotel on the basement floor. You can also enjoy a good stand up comedy on some nights.


At the Sheraton hotel is known best for the variety of music it plays. This bar in Abu Dhabi caters to all.


Located at the Marina & Yacht Club, is best known for its odd location., You will feel like you are in the middle of a meat market.

Rock Bottom Café

Our favorite place to go dancing. Excellent music most of the time. Good bar food if you want to go earlier for snacks.

P.J. O'Reilly's

Irish bar famous for its Guinness beer. As you would expect this is the place to be on St. Patty’s day. Happy hour starts as early as 4pm. This pub is located at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel.


Located at the Sands Hotel, mostly low-key, chill place to unwind the day.

Cristal Champagne Bar

Popular pre-party hang out and excellent happy hour specials starting at 6pm. Very well known for their vast selection of cigars. You can’t have cigars without a live pianist playing your requested selections.

And as you might have guessed, champagne is a popular drink here given the name of the venue itself. Cloud Nine at the Sheraton is also a good one for cigars.

To clarify, this is not a comprehensive list of bars and nightclubs in Abu Dhabi. Rather, it is a short list of our (Kish and mine) favorites.

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