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The Dubai Nightlife Scene

Hi, this is Sunil to talk about the countless bars and nightclubs in Dubai.

  If you have been following our site you must know that going out is one of my favorite things to do in Dubai.

A busy metropolis like Dubai is expected to have a rocking nightlife scene.

In spite of being an ultramodern city, Dubai is deep-rooted in its traditions.

The number of bars and nightclubs in Dubai undergoes a constant rise and the government has set few regulations that will help in maintaining accord without spoiling the fun quotient.

So if you are going to Dubai, there is nothing to worry about your nightlife though you must know that some details are set by the law.

The current noise and laser beams adorning the nights of Dubai are enough to keep most punters satisfied. The clubs are usually open until 3 am, at which time the music stops and the lights come on in a snap!

Tough fines are levied on the establishment once the music continues even seconds after the gong. During Ramadan, many will be closed, and some may open but without live music and dancing.

Dubai Nightlife

Some of the famous bars and nightclubs in Dubai are as follows:

• Alamo – It is a restaurant and a bar but is more emphasized as a bar. It offers Tex/Mex food stuffs and is usually busy during weekends. Both locals and foreign individuals flock to this facility for superb American cuisine, good music, and lively entertainment.

• Atlantis – Just beside Hard Rock Café, is a disco bar offering drum masters and dancing girls. Crowd is more of the hip and the young blending to the modern music and atmosphere. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are ladies nights.

• Carter’s – Also a restaurant and bar located in the Amazing Pyramid complex at Wafi City. It opens at 12 noons and slowly turns into a bar until 3 am in the morning. DJ performance starts at 10pm here until closing time. Drinks during happy hour days get as low as Ds10. This is the bar in Dubai that induces a shot of pure oxygen for Ds70 and also offers aromatic O2. Overall, this bar is one of the entertaining but affordable clubs in the city.

• Irish Village – Just a walk away from Aviation Club of Dubai you can see this village. This place is best for those who want to consume some alcohol without needing to go to the hotel. You can choose to drink and dine indoor or outdoor. Beers cost at Ds 17 for a pint and good foods are also available.

You can order as much as you want for they are open from 11 am – 2 am and they will entertain your orders until 1:30 am. If you want to have a real Irish pub experience then this one is for you.

A glimpse of Dubai's nightlife. Click on the arrow in the middle once to watch this video

• Champions – This sporty bar opens from 12 noons to 2 am daily showcasing live telecasts of several live games in different major sports league. Several TV sets are scattered around the large area of the bar and a large screen is placed at the center for feasting sport enthusiasts. Its happy hour starts from 6 pm to 8 pm only when they offer regular drinks at Ds 12 only. During regular hours wines are available at Ds 18 and a pint of beer is at Ds 19.

• Hard Rock Café – The ever-famous Hard Rock Café chain is now in Dubai specifically in Marina area. This café offers traditional Hard Rock Café foods with live music and a small bar surrounded by more seats to accommodate its increasing number of patrons. For only Ds 18 for each regular beer you can enjoy more while listening to the best bands and sounds that Hard Rock can offer.

These are just some of the many bars and nightclubs that you can go to on your night out on the town. We will continue to post the latest and greatest hotspots to go to at night in Dubai so stay tuned for more to come and sign-up for our RSS feed for the latest news.

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