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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the beautiful beaches in Dubai! Before getting into this let me just say that beaches can be the most interesting and exciting tourist attractions in any country.

The charm of the beautiful sandy beaches set against the cool waters of the sea entice people to come and laze around, sun bath, relax and refresh themselves.

The clear blue waters and the crisp, natural, and fresh air is a warm invitation for people to come and enjoy nature's bountiful offerings.

Dubai is a region which is famed for its lovely and enchanting beaches. One of the most popular beaches in Dubai is the Palm Beach.

This beach houses a variety of resorts, which offers its visitors and tourists an exciting and entertaining stay.

Water sports are also popular in this beach as the Arabian Gulf is ideally suited for this purpose due to its warmth.

Tourists come in large numbers with families and friends to enjoy this beach and its ambience especially during winters. This is because Dubai winters and very pleasant, inviting and ideally suited for vacations as compared to the extremely hot and humid summers.

beautiful beaches in Dubai

Jumeirah beach is another popular beach destination in Dubai for the tourists. This Dubai beach rolls along the coast of the Arabian Gulf and is interspersed with various hotels, resorts and clubs.

The Jumeirah beach park two is lined with attractive palms and other greenery which will invite you to walk into the enchanting sea shore. There is a small entry fee charged here. But the warm sands and the serene waters of the sea are worth every penny you pay.

As in other parts of the world, beaches in Dubai are crowded on weekends, which fall on Thursdays and Fridays here. Weekdays are relatively free and you will not have a problem with parking your vehicles here. Another popular beach in Dubai is in the Al Mamzar Park in Deira. This beach is also attractive and entices many European and Russian visitors throughout the year.

Seashores in Dubai are studded with several tourist attractions and entertainment options. Picnic spots line the beaches where families have an enjoyable time lazing around.

beautiful beaches in Dubai

Everyone wants to have a great beach holiday. Dubai is definitely a great place to visit if you are looking for great time by the beach. Most people going here just need their travel bags and credit cards, and they're all set. The beaches in this place are one of the best in the world. It exudes a calming mood that makes tourists feel relax.

You will find eateries supplying various types of food, playgrounds for small children to entertain themselves and even places where there are places for barbeque form a part of the exciting beaches there. Skiing and surfing are the popular water sport activities there.

As the sea here is not very rough, with waves rising just about a maximum of eight feet, Dubai beaches offer the perfect setting for surfing even if you are a beginner. With almost no dangerous sea animals and creatures, beginners can learn to surf here without any problems. You may find this unchallenging though if you are a professional surfer.

With a lot of greenery, resorts and hotels lining the beaches in Dubai will offer you the luxury, comfort and a serene ambience that will make you want to come back repeatedly to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The next time you visit Dubai, make sure you visit the charming beaches there with your family and friends and make your trip satisfying and complete.

Here is a short 1 minute video of Jumeirah Beach - one of Dubai's most popular

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