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The Best Flights to Dubai - Luxury and Value

Dubai International Airport is regarded as one of the busiest airports in the world in terms of cargo and passenger traffic. The airport is divided into 3 parts, which includes the exclusive Emirates 3 Terminal built at a whopping cost of $4.3 billion.

This terminal alone serves approximately 60 million passengers per year, which has increased by another 10 million with the addition of the A380-dedicated airside facility in 2012.

 Subsequently, the all new second phase of Dubai World Central – Al Maktoum International Airport is also in the making, which is said to be even bigger than DXB, and eventually the biggest in the world.

When completely finished, Al Maktoum International will shuffle 12 million tonnes of cargo and 120 million passengers per year.

Connected to 200 destinations across 6 continents, there are over 120 airlines landing in Dubai so booking the best flight may be a dubious task, but is easily accomplished with early research and planning.   

Emirates Airlines:

If you’re travelling to Dubai, Emirates Airlines is a supreme choice for many reasons. First they fly to over 130 destinations across 6 continents, and next is that they drop you off in style at their native billion dollar terminal. For first and business class passengers, Emirates picks you up right at your doorstep and in luxurious vehicles.

In addition to this, Emirates offers the best service on the ground at their sprawling lounges and in the air in their latest aircraft. All this epitomized luxury sure does come with a price, but paying $100 or less for unsurpassed service from the ground up is really nothing to quibble about.

Emirates operate 2 flights daily from Sydney, Australia, to Dubai International, with a total flight time of 14 hrs. There’s even an Emirates lounge at the Sydney airport and 58 others, where premium passengers can take a shower, unwind and catch up on business.

Cost to fly economy class one way from the Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney to DXB Terminal 3 is approximately $1300 for economy class, $5500 for business class and $9500 for first class according to the Emirates Official website. Compared to Make my Trip, the above prices are relatively similar, but you can always compare before you book

If you’re flying in from New York (JFK) to DXB, the cost of economy class one way is similar as flying from the Australian continent, and when compared to Make my Trip, these numbers do not change. Flying American Airlines on the same route costs over $2000, which Emirates a bargain buster.

Flying Emirates is also a great choice if you’re only going to be stopping over in Dubai for a few hours as they have a number of regular connecting flights to almost every tip of the globe. They also have an excellent rewards program – Skywards, so if you travel often, flying Emirates may be your best route to explore.

View discounted rates on Emirates Airlines here.

Qantas Airways:

If you’re flying in from Australia, Europe or the Americas, you’re next best choice is Qantas Airlines thanks to their recent partnership with Emirates Airlines. This means that all Qantas flights from the above three continents stopover in Dubai so you can either explore this fascinating city or book an ongoing flight on either of the two carriers.

This yielding partnership also means that you can you can use your Qantas frequent flyer points at select Emirates touch points, which includes during the flight purchases and at the various dedicated lounges. First, business and select class members will also get instant access to both the Qantas and the Emirates lounges anywhere in the globe. In terms of prices, Emirates and Qantas are relatively similar but are cheaper when compared to other airlines.

Qatar Airways

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds – Price and Class, Qatar airways is yet another great choice. Awarded the World’s Best Airline for 2 consecutive years, Qatar airways arrives in Dubai from over 120 destinations worldwide. One may think that this award winning service comes at an overwhelming cost, but that’s the surprise.

When compared to other global airlines, Qatar Airways arrives regularly in Dubai at a fair price. For example, a one way ticket from New York (JFK) to DXB is just $700, and over a $1000 dollars when booked with Delta and $2000+ with American Airlines.

View discounted fares on Qatar Airways here.

How to and When to book Flights to Dubai?

The season you’re travelling plays a crucial role in the price you pay for airfare to Dubai. For example, if you’re visiting Dubai during the peak season (November – March) will definitely bump the above prices by a few hundred $$ than if you were to arrive in the months of June to September. If you’re looking for a stopover flight to Dubai, it is best to check with search engines such as Make my Trip for the best deals.

Chances are that you may want to explore a new place at the same cost as traveling to one destination. Also, when looking for great flights to Dubai especially at flight search engines, it is crucial to take note of the layover times and the number of stops. Emirates and Qatar airways had one stopover from New York to Dubai, with a halt time between connecting flights under 60 minutes, while American Airlines not only costs twice as much, but also had 1 stopover with a wait time of over 6 hours between flights.

Emirates Airlines also offers a simplified visas process if flying with them, which can be done online or at one of their many authorized agencies across the globe. More good news for passengers flying Emirates with a longer stopover in Dubai is Dubai Connect.

For Business and First class passengers with a layover time of more than 6 hours and less than 24 hours in Dubai, this program covers visa fees, accommodation, meals and ground transportation costs. The only difference between the premium classes and economy class is the layover time must be more than 8 hours rather than 6.

If you fall in the above category (s) and are booking your ticket through the Emirates website, you will be notified if your itinerary qualifies for this service. If you’re booking through your travel agent, then you would need to instruct them to book Dubai Connect on your behalf provided you qualify.

The above airlines are definitely the best carriers to fly to and from Dubai for many reasons, but it is recommended that you diligently explore other reputable airlines, and revise your travel dates if possible to get the best bargains.

To get the best deals on Emirates flights, book through this link which provides discounted fares.

To get the best deals on Qatar Airways flights, book through this link which provides discounted fares.

Note that if you want to book a trip to Dubai on any other airline, use our search box through the link on the top left of the website. This link has discounted fares on several airlines that you can choose from.

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