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Best Restaurants in Dubai - Know the Chic Places to Dine Out

Kish here to talk about the best restaurants in Dubai

As you probably already know, I am a big foodie. And I am here to tell you that one of the best things about visiting a new place aside from sightseeing is trying out the exotic food!

The food and restaurants in Dubai city is as multicultural as the lifestyle in Dubai.  

You will find anything and everything here.

Dubai has all the usual fast food chains but we recommend you not to go there.

You can always go to one near your home.

Why not branch out and take a bite of the city's local cuisine instead?

Whether you are a tourist or a local with a hungry stomach, Dubai will not fail you with all the authentic gastronomic treats you will find in the best restaurants in Dubai.

Big fan of Pad Thai and want to try the best one ever?

Blue Elephant is one of the best restaurants in Dubai serving fine Thai food. Beyond the delicious food is a breathtaking ambience ? tranquil waterfall, colorful flowers and greenery, intricate stained wood accents; giving you a feeling that you are sitting in a quaint little Southeast Asian village.

The Royal Thai dishes include herbs and spices imported from Thailand. The moment you walk into the restaurant, you can just whiff and smell the aromas of basil, chilies, and lemongrass in the air. It is very prominent.

If you are brave enough to try their spicier entrees, look for the red elephant marked on the menu. A sumptuous lunch buffet is available every Saturday, so try to pass by this restaurant when you tour Dubai if you are into Thai cuisine.

And if you are interested in dating in Dubai, bring your date to the upscale Shakespeare & Co. coffee shop located just off Sheikh Zayed Road, which is a favorite hang out for both locals and expats in Dubai.

A welcoming, continental atmosphere awaits every customer, as the enchanting decor and comfy furniture reminds you of the charming little cafes you expect to find in London or Paris. Enjoy a few cups of gourmet coffee or hot tea and, to tickle your palate, a little savory something off their menu, which includes everything from brunch items to a rack of lamb. Gosh I sound like a commercial.

To experience Italy at its best I recommend the Biella Caffé Pizzeria. Shoppers frequent this restaurant, and enjoy taking late-afternoon breaks here in a cozy yet upscale setting. It's a good place to chill and unwind.

The plain wood tables are arranged so that each offers a view of large picturesque windows and the perfect backdrop for an intimate conversation over a latte macchiato, frozen apricot cocktail, or tiramisu. New items crop up here and there on the menu, so needless to say you will have plenty of options.

If you are looking for a more filling meal you should dine in the more formal main dining area, where the professional staff caters to your every need and the kitchen cooks delicious dishes such as four cheese pizza, spinach and ricotta ravioli, and salmon with black olives and a potato tart. This is more along Sunil's alley, a protein filled, and rich meal.

You can't eat any higher in the midst of Dubai - Vu's, located on the 50th floor of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, takes the stratospheric biscuit. Your ears may pop and ache on the way up in the terrifyingly fast elevators, but there shouldn't be any problems when it comes to your taste buds.

Be prepared to experience a classy "French meets Italian" fine dining, with a delightful menu including roasted pigeon and tender lamb. Because of its lavish setting, expect that it is a little more expensive than your local café. This is fine dining at its best.

Another good Italian hang out, famous for their Northern Italian cuisine, BiCE gives you an authentic cosmopolitan dining experience. The elegant interior is remarkable for its sleek and modern design, white linens, and exotic greenery. The menu includes dishes from each city in the BiCE family.

Therefore, aside from the tasty Milanese cuisine that is the restaurant's mark, you'll also find other dishes such as black bean-crusted lamb, salmon sashimi, and hot hammour carpaccio. You should dine in the terrace to get a great view of the Persian Gulf. Salivating yet?

Here is something completely different. The Al Qasr, a local restaurant, which offers customers a chance to try some of the local cuisine in a setting that includes traditional Arabic architecture and décor serves fine Lebanese dishes as their specialties. These concoctions are as colorful as they are aromatic.

Dine al fresco, beside the restaurant's lovely garden areas and allow the cool, mystifying Arabian night to sweep you away. Traditional live music and belly dancing only serve to enhance the restaurant's exotic air, and patrons tend to last well into the evening.

These are just a few of the best restaurants in Dubai. A Dubai tour would not be complete without dining and trying out local and international cafes and restaurants. If you are planning a food trip, a date, or just simply hungry, just go out and try what the best restaurants in Dubai have to offer!

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