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Business Concepts in Dubai that Work Like Wonders

Dubai is an extremely desirable place to do business.

But what business concepts in Dubai are most lucrative?

Which business ventures in Dubai will bring in the most profits?

Doing business in Dubai is particularly lucrative because there is no income tax in Dubai.

In most developed countries, companies end up paying an effective tax of over 40%.

Consider the USA for example. With top taxes at 35%+, add to that state taxes, city taxes, employee related taxes, and you are giving away almost 50 cents of every dollar you earn.

Not in Dubai.  Business in Dubai is great. People have money to spend.   As a business owner you don’t pay taxes. But what are the successful ideas and business concepts in Dubai?  The answer is actually very simple. Spend a thousand bucks and come to the USA or UK.

See what works, go back to Dubai and implement the same thing. Don’t believe me? Think about Cold Stone creamery. What about Express? What about Victoria Secret? Or Chillis? Take any franchise known to man.

If it works in the West, it works (or will work) in Dubai. Why? That is a no brainer. Dubai is 90% made up of expats. Many expats come from the West to run companies in Dubai. These expats flock to Western concepts. Not to mention the magic of franchising.

When you see a McDonalds, you know what to expect. It’s called brand familiarity. It’s the basis on which the concept of franchising works. When the locals see this behavior, they follow the flock. It’s called social conditioning. And hey sometimes it’s neither of these factors. Sometimes the stuff is just plain good! Think about the legendary Big Mac hamburger. Yum!

So what are future business concepts that will be the next big thing in Dubai? Contact me to find out. I have the luxury to see Dubai’s future because I live in the USA most the year. Take advantage of rear view vision – something most wished they had access to!

Doing business in Dubai is great and very lucrative. However, setting up a business in Dubai is not a joke. With complicated local laws such as mandatory partnerships with locals, business zones, employment, etc. you must seek professional guidance if you want to do well.

The Dubai government has implemented several favorable laws to businesses to encourage foreign investment. You can now also own property in Dubai. Let us know if you would like a reliable professional to help you start a business in Dubai.

We have been working with Christine, a personal friend of ours who has helped many of our own friends and several readers of our websites establish companies in Dubai. Christine operates her own company in Dubai and you can read more about it here.

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