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Various Business Opportunities in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to discuss a few business opportunities in Dubai

Amongst other things, Dubai is most known for business opportunities because or favorable business laws and a tax free environment (as of 2007 at least).

The long term Government plan is heavily focused on establishing new business to grow and support the economy.

That said I am sure you are aware that setting up a business in Dubai is not easy.

Business opportunities in Dubai come with many nuances involved, laws and regulations to follow as well as local partnership laws to keep in mind.

But no worries, I will attempt to walk you through the basics as well as provide the best professional resource who handles these matters.

So if you are planning to start a business in Dubai, or simply looking for business opportunities to further explore, I hope you find this section helpful.

Basics of Doing Business in Dubai

  1. You need a local (UAE National or Citizen) partner or a sponsor unless you are conducting business in a Dubai freezone

  2. Networking and relationships go much further than in Western countries so make sure you partner up with someone well connected

  3. You will need to register for a trade license (not easy) to start conducting business in Dubai. Different license types apply to different business models

  4. Most, if not all, Government employees are locals and speak Arabic predominantly. Learn it, hire a translator or best have your sponsor assist you with the business registration process.

  5. Hire at least one Arabic speaking employee in your business. Depending on your business size, you will have to hire a minimum percentage of local Arabic employees.

  6. Starting a business requires capital outlay

  7. No real estate, corporate, employment or personal taxes as of 2007. However, you do have business license fees and other periodic fees.

Some Business Opportunities in Dubai to Consider

This is not a list of all the opportunities, but rather a few that I think bring the best balance of work, life, managing Government demands, laws, rules and regulations while providing the best returns on time and capital invested.
  1. Jewelry – Dubai is the Mecca of Gold. Dubai diamonds are also world renown. You can always make a buck in this business.

  2. Trading – “Imports and exports” is a phrase you will hear all over Dubai. Trading is Dubai’s main source of income. Located in a geographically convenient spot on the world map, Dubai is ideal for traders from all around the world to meet. You can import or export. Some popular items traded include textiles, dry fruit, vehicles, plastic goods from China.

  3. Bars, Restaurants and Nighclubs – If you have the capital go for it. Dubai = Fun, entertainment, good times and lots of money! Need I say more?

  4. Specialty Schools - There are expats from all over the world. There is much need for granular specialty (i.e. A Christian American school). Something to consider?

  5. Franchises – Though not one of my favorites, many are making this concept work real well in Dubai because of the large expat population and mixed preferences. There is room for trial and error. This concept is relatively new to Dubai as of 2007. Time will tell how it fares. It is definitely saturated in the USA, but some are still making it work.

  6. Childcare Facilities – People are busier than ever and there are more dual income earning families than before. Both husband and wife maybe making good money, but there are very few quality childcare facilities as of 2007 at least. Something to contemplate?

  7. Real Estate – Always up and down depending on the local real estate market. The good thing about real estate is people will always be buying or selling despite market conditions. Also, for a savvy real estate investor, money can be made in up or down markets. Just depends on your approach to investing.

  8. Travel Agency – Dubai is and will always be a tourist destination. It will always be heavily populated by expats unless the local Nationals go on a baby booming spree

A Home Based Business Opportunity in Dubai

Of all business opportunities in Dubai, this one happens to be the BEST one of the various business opportunities in Dubai that I am familiar with and have studied. Kish and I had found a home based business opportunity back in 2005 called SBI. We studied it for sometime before getting involved.

Looking back to our decision, this was one of the best things we have ever done. Today, we have been able to create a mobile and portable business that we manage from anywhere we have Internet as we travel. We are not tied down to anything or anywhere.

We did not investment heavy money except for our time and effort. What is the business? It is this website that you are on. Yes believe it or not this small project has become a full time business.

At first this was just a vehicle for extra income for us but it turned into full time resource. Anyone can do it. Whether you just want some extra cash or a full time income, it is possible with SBI. This is the trend of the future and it is working very well for us.

And the best part? You work on it when you want as much as you want. You can work on it from home and not have to deal with all the business set up issues I discussed above.

You can see how others are making SBI work for them here. Don't forget this gem when evaluating the various business opportunities in Dubai.

The Best Way to Set Up a Business in Dubai

You can try going at it on your own, but the consequences of not getting things right the first time can end your business before it even starts. The best way to start a Dubai business is to engage a professional to guide you and execute some of the difficult tasks involved.

Kish and I have worked with a reputable corporate services company for years now. We have negotiated discounted rates with them for our website and blog readers. We have recommended several clients to them, all of whom have successfully set up businesses in Dubai.

If you are interested in asking some questions to see if this is a good option for you, feel free to fill in the form below and your details will be sent to them directly. I only ask that you contact them only if you are serious.

Any curious inquiries are a bad reflection on Kish and I and we don’t want to damage our relationship with them. If you simply want more information, you can continue to read about doing business in Dubai here as well as search the web for all kinds of information.

And if you are really serious about business opportunities in Dubai and want to movie forward, find out specifically how to set up a business in Dubai here.

2010 UPDATE New – Virtual Office company set up with full business license and 3-year residence visa now available in Dubai. Costs start at AED 18,000 p.a. You as an Investor are entitled to get 5 visa for you and staff and can sponsor your family and a maid.

The set up is approved by Abu Dhabi High Court and is being licensed through a Northern Emirates Free Zone that is legally entitled to provide Free Zone business licenses in Dubai.

Their business center is conveniently located in Dubai Marina with loads of restaurants, hotels and ample free parking in walking distance . For more information, please contact our business partner Christine.

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