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Calling Abu Dhabi Fast And Easy

Calling Abu Dhabi is fairly easy in this day and age with the many different advances in modern technology and telecommunications.

Everyone seems to have a cell phone or access to the internet making communication fast and easy.

There are many different ways you can reach your friend and loved ones anywhere in the world including, Abu Dhabi.

But whether you are trying to call someone in Abu Dhabi, or are already in Abu Dhabi and are trying to call someone outside Abu Dhabi, cost is always the number one factor.

Cost decides when you call, how long you speak, who you call, or if you call at all.

The most common way to contact people that you care about or business partners in Abu Dhabi is still with the use of the telephone or cell phone.

You can do this in two ways where the first option is through and operator where you just need to provide the location where you want to call and the number of the person you are calling.

You typically go through an operator when you want to have the charges for the call collected from the person you are calling.

This is particularly true if you are calling in an emergency when you have no money to pay for the call yourself.

The second option on the telephone is through direct dialing where you can call the person directly without having to go through an operator. You can call directly using your landline or through your cell phone and you automatically get billed by your service provider.

All you need is four things to make a direct call to Abu Dhabi. You need is the international access code which will allow you to dial out of your country, then the international code used to dial to the United Arab Emirates which is 971, then the local area code or city code of Abu Dhabi which is 2. Always have these handy when calling Abu Dhabi.

Finally you just need to add the phone number of the person you are calling and it will automatically connect you phone call to that person. It’s that easy. Now each country has their own international dial access code; if you are in the United States it’s 011 while if you are in Australia its 0011 and so forth. You can find out your country dial out access codes from the internet or from your telephone service provider or your local phonebook.

Another way of contacting people in Abu Dhabi these days is through the internet using web conference where you get to talk and see the person you want to talk to through the computer. Internet calling can be a lot cheaper or even free if you have free internet but the other person has to also have a computer and internet access for this to be possible. There are many resolution issues with this, delays, and sometimes you just cannot do it. It will take time before this improves.

The main problem with most calling options is the quality and cost. It is not cheap to call to and from Abu Dhabi using direct dialing. Your best option is to use phone card, which is normally used by most people trying to save money on international calls.

Phone cards have different rates when calling Abu Dhabi. There are some that are very cheap while others provide free minutes of calling. Comfi is a very good phone card that many use, including Kish and myself.

You can basically use Comfi calling cards by keying in certain codes to your telephone to activate them. You just need to follow the instructions at the back of the card and you are good to go in calling anyone in Abu Dhabi, or anyone outside Abu Dhabi if you are in Abu Dhabi yourself. Check it out, we use Comfi to call not just to and from Abu Dhabi, but all over the world as well. I always carry a Comfi calling card in my wallet.

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