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The Cheapest Deals to Call Dubai

Hi Sunil here to talk about calling cards to Dubai

There are many nuances with all sorts of calling card companies out there today.

Some round up to the next minute, some will charge a connecting fee and some will charge you even if you cannot connect.

You can't call Dubai from my cell phone unless you are willing and able to pay a stash per minute.

Charges are just too high.

Instead, consider getting calling cards to Dubai to stay in touch with your friends, relatives and other colleagues.

I have recommended two very good companies that I have had no problems dealing with. They not only offer calling cards to Dubai but also to a lot of other places all around the world. Now if you are in Dubai, the companies won't be of use to you.

Calling cards in Dubai are available in grocery stores and not online. Most stores carry these cards and they are often available for 50 Dhs and up. This is approximately $12.

Because I call the UAE region often to stay in touch with my friends, colleagues and business acquaintances, I have gathered the city codes for dialing to the different areas.

The country code, also known as the calling code or routing number to the UAE is +971. Once dialing that code, you have to input the area code (see chart below). So for Dubai, you will have to enter 4.

Keep in mind the 4 is for land lines. If you want to reach a Dubai cell phone you will have to dial a 50. It takes time to make it a habit but it will soon become one if you call often enough.

If you are calling from the US, you need to dial 011 before 971 and then the city code and the number of your destination. Dubai phone numbers are on the same 7 digit system as the US.

But like I mentioned above, do not dial directly from your land line or cell phone unless you are willing to pay your rent toward your phone bill. Instead use a calling card from Raza or Comfi.

I have used both services and am very happy with my experience with each. I had a minor complaint about Raza once and I called to address it. The representative gave me a free $10 credit quickly without any hassles.

These companies are not only good for calling Dubai or the UAE but anywhere else in the world. I've done a lot of research and these two offer the best rates without any hidden charges or fees. They don’t cheat you out of your credits either and have excellent customer service reputation.

Comfi is definitely the better one of the two and my number 1 choice. They have all kinds of special offers going on all year like free trials, free 100 minutes, etc. So make sure you check their latest promotion before buying.

Below are the codes for the different areas within UAE as of 2007
  • Abu Dhabi 2
  • Ajman 6
  • Al ain 3
  • Asab 5
  • Aweir 49
  • Bita Zayed 5
  • Buhasa 5
  • Dhayd 6
  • Dibba 70
  • Dubai 4 (Cell Phone - 50)
  • Falaj-Al-Moalia 6
  • Fujairah 70
  • Habshan 5
  • Jebel Ali 84
  • Jebel Dhana 52
  • Khawanij 58
  • Mafrak 5
  • Ras-Al-Khaimah 77
  • Sharjah 6
  • Tarif 53
  • Umm-ai-Quwain 6
  • Wadi Hatta 49

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