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Calling Dubai - The Fast and Easy Way

Sunil here to talk about calling Dubai to speak to your loved ones

Technology has really gone so far that now people are able to talk to one another where ever they are and calling people from anywhere in the world (like calling Dubai) can be done in a matter of seconds.

You can call your friends, family members and business constituents anytime you want and there are much cheaper ways you can do this today than anytime before.

If there is a need for you to call Dubai there is a number of ways you can do this.

It is just a matter of dialing the country code, area code then the 7 digit phone number and you can start talking to the person you want to.

Beware however if you are calling from your home or cell phone.

Charges can get ridiculous.

Dubai does not allow Skype and VOIP type technologies either. So what to do? Let’s talk about the codes first.

When you make a direct call to Dubai, you need to dial the country code which is 971, followed by the area code 4 (for land lines) or 50 (for cell phones) and then proceed with the seven digit phone number. Yes, like the USA Dubai is also on a 7 digit system. It’s that easy to reach the person you want to talk to.

Of course there are costs to making long distance phone calls and the rates would vary depending on your phone service provider. There are phone rates to Dubai as low as 4 cents per minute (or even less) if you are calling from the United States. Make your calls to Dubai with the use of phone cards. The right phone card will last you a long time.

Calling cards have different rates to Dubai depending on the calling card company. Comfi is the best in my opinion, followed by Raza as a close second. What’s best about phone cards is that they can be a TON cheaper than calling using regular landline rates.

You can also budget and monitor the time you actually use making the call to Dubai. This is the most preferred way people who have relatives working in Dubai, or friends, call their loved ones. It is fast, easy, convenient and most of all it gives them tons of saving and more value for their hard earned money.

Since Dubai is a city full of opportunities, there are a lot of people now choosing to work there. These people are from all over the world. With this many foreigners in Dubai, telecommunications companies are making it easier and faster for their families overseas to be able to reach them. Using the best phone cards to Dubai is the best way for family to call their loved ones in Dubai, and for the ones in Dubai to call back home to their families abroad.

If you have special people in your life that are in Dubai, or if you are in Dubai and want to call special people in your life that live abroad, you can take advantage of some very good deals today and talk to them. Try the Comfi calling cards to Dubai. These are my favorite, and the ones both Kish and I recommend for you. This company by far has the best balance in rates and customer service.

You never really are that far from loved ones, not if you don’t want to be at least. Do not hesitate calling Dubai ever again.

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