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Career Planning in Dubai - Got a Career in Dubai? So What's Next?

Sunil here to speak a bit about smart career planning in Dubai.

This discussion is very important because several of my friends have considered jobs in Dubai.

Many have gone to Dubai for work.

The benefits of a Dubai job appear extremely enticing at the onset, thus the reason so many immediately start to apply for jobs in Dubai.

Who can deny the tax free benefits after all?

But an important question many don’t consider is so what about the future?

Consider these points:

  • You cannot stay in Dubai permanently. You are only there until you have employment

  • You are away from friends, family and your own motherland - you are making someone else's economy/country rich

  • Jobs in Dubai are by contract. When your contract ends, you may have to leave the country and head back home
So while working in Dubai comes with very good benefits such as a tax free salary and additional perks from employers, you have to consider what your next move would be.

This discussion becomes particularly important if you are a white collar professional moving up the corporate ladder. If so, consider the following:

Are you from the West? If so, what is the perception of working in Dubai for local companies? Is it a valuable experience you can take back to your country? (i.e. USA or UK)? Despite the quality of job you hold and company you are with, the perception is what counts. That is why career planning in Dubai is even more critical.

Do you have the opportunity to join a multi-national company who has presence in your home? If so, you might choose to go this route rather than joining a local company in Dubai. It is so much easier to transition back after a few years of working in Dubai.

Remember, you cannot stay in Dubai permanently. Even if you could, would you want to? Many folks move for a few years to save on the taxes, and return back home and settle in and build their families and communities.

So while everyone's situation is very unique, I recommend planting the seeds for your next move while you are working in Dubai. Network with other professionals and companies while keeping your long term employment goals in mind. Always plan your next career move proactively.

It is easy to lose touch with your network as you uproot yourself away from your home and settle into a new environment. Kudos to you if you can maintain the old network, and plant roots in the new environment as well.

So while a career in Dubai sounds good, you have to ask "then what?" So take the time to plan and make the smart career decision for yourself and your family.

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