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Cheap Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Hi, Sunil here to talk about discounted cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi.

Finding killer deals on Abu Dhabi hotels is not very difficult.

Reason being is that most tourists that travel to Abu Dhabi for a holiday vacation prefer a beach front hotel.

Therefore the other mainland hotels have more vacancy throughout the year and usually sell their rooms at lower rates.

Before booking a cheap hotel, keep in mind that although you will save money on your hotel stay, you might not enjoy the luxury of having a private beach.

So when you find a cheap hotel deal in Abu Dhabi, ask if the hotel has a beach front?

Next ask what the quality of the pools is like. Are they temperature controlled?

Why is this important? Because there are very few public beach fronts in Abu Dhabi where you can go at any time and enjoy the water. Most of the beach fronts are confined within hotel properties.

Even if you are able to find a public beach, it is difficult to enjoy it as you would normally enjoy a beach.

Abu Dhabi is quite different from Dubai.

It is not as liberal but rather conservative and true to its Muslim roots and ideals.

Dressing norms are a bit different.

Wearing beach attire in public beaches might get you unnecessary attention that you don’t want.

However you are free to dress the way you want to in your private setting (such as the beach front hotel you stay at).

Hiltonia Beach Club Abu Dhabi
The Hiltonia Beach Club Abu in Abu Dhabi

There are some hotels that have beach clubs.

The Hiltonia Beach Club comes to mind right away.

You can purchase temporary memberships to these clubs and use their private facilities if you don’t choose to stay at a beach front property.

I have not been able to pin point the cost as it changes quite a bit and quite frequently.

So the decision isn’t as plain vanilla as you may have thought. Think about it and weigh out the pros and cons of your options.

If you are saving significantly on a non beach front hotel, then maybe you are better off getting a temporary membership at a private beach club providing the cost is reasonable.


Go during Ramadan and you will save significantly. However, keep in mind that just because you are going during Ramadan, this doesn’t excuse you from misbehaving and not showing respect for the local culture and citizens.

If you want to read up on Middle East culture I recommend you read the Dubai Culture section of our website.

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