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Sunil here to talk about the City Center Dubai

A place like Dubai is not just a city of culture and adventure but it is also a city that is a center for shopping.

The City Center Dubai is the place where shops of all shapes and sizes conglomerate, making it one big mall where you can virtually find almost anything your heart desire.

Maybe not for the ones closely familiar with Dubai, but if you are rather new to the city, like a first time visitor for example, you will soon realize why everyone flocks to this place and what the fuss is all about.

The City Center is well located, with easy access either by public transport or by private vehicle.

Don’t worry about the parking since there are about 6000 parking spaces that are available. I’m sure you’ll find a spot one way or another.

You can either take public transportation like a local taxi, or a shuttle if you are in a hotel nearby. There is a shuttle provided by this area which will pick you up, so make sure you ask the front desk all about it. You can just imagine the kind of place this must be by the services it offers before you even get there.

One advice before you head to this mall – DO NOT wear uncomfortable shoes. Try wearing shoes that you can walk with for hours. Once at the mall you will see the several different shops, from clothing lines to electronic gadgets.

There you will also find food stalls and restaurants where you can find a place to eat that suits your discriminating taste. Whether you are craving local cuisine or feel more like having some international flavors, there is a restaurant for you to dine in. You will be surprise with the amount of diverse selection of food available to you.

And once you have had your fill, it’s time to burn those calories away by doing some major damage in shopping. Ready your cash or your credit card since there are tons of things that you can buy all at very reasonable costs.

This place has items that are very cheap compared to the usual prices that you would normally spend if you purchased them anywhere else in the world. Why? Dubai has some of the BEST tariff and trade laws – there are NONE!

So shop away. You can find little trinkets that you can purchase to give to your friends and loved ones when you get home, and not have to trade your arm and leg for it. There are so many products to choose from and it can get very overwhelming really fast. So switch your discipline gear in high when you hit this place.

Tip - Don’t be too quick to purchase an item since there may be shops that have the same item at a lower cost somewhere within the City Center Dubai. Often times, stores compete for placement. By being one of the more visible stores, often they price their products high so people buy from them as they see them.

Little do customers know that if you keep looking further, you might find a much better deal? Returns and exchanges are a hassle, so you want to make sure you scope out the area before opening your wallet. This place is very easy to fall in love with, especially for the avid shopper. You can soon find yourself glued to this environment in just a matter of minutes.

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