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Construction Jobs in Dubai

Trend Shows They Will Always Be Needed

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the construction jobs in Dubai

Needless to say, most people have probably heard the claim that over half the world’s cranes are currently located in Dubai.

Truth is, the figure is probably closer to a quarter, but that is impressive nonetheless.

Construction is everywhere in Dubai, it really is, so much so the city is in a constant state of change.

Skyscrapers are being erected, islands are being created, homes are being built, hospitals are sprouting up, schools are appearing in various places, and there really is no end to it.

Thus it should be no surprise that construction jobs are still the most in-demand jobs in Dubai.

Construction Jobs in Dubai Have Vast Range of Fields

You don’t need to be a swanky engineer or highly talented architect to be in-demand, though of course both these jobs are very much needed; but so too are the other construction related jobs that sometimes seem less prestigious, such as interior designers, carpenters, and project directors and coordinators.

Essentially if you are involved in any trade that is in any way whatsoever connected to construction, then you probably are needed, right now, in Dubai.

This fact is only heightened if you have considerable experience in your field, in which case you can almost be fully assured of being able to land a good job.

Give the internet a quick search if you don’t believe it. So many recruitment agencies now exist solely for the reason of providing highly skilled workers to continue fuelling Dubai’s construction boom, which shows no sign of dissipating. If you feel you meet the requirements in terms of qualifications, skills, and experience, then you should begin to think if this really is an opportunity that you can afford to pass up.

Working in Construction Jobs in Dubai

Having been used to a certain style of work, it may take a little bit of time to get used to Dubai and its round-the-clock work schedules. Most of the building projects in Dubai are fully allowed to conduct their work 24-hours a day, in order to ensure that buildings are completed faster.

As a direct result of these 24-hour working days, most construction projects will have three or four shifts of personnel for various hours of the day. On the bright side, this in turn means increased employment opportunities, but on the downside, it also means the occasional odd working hours.

Honestly, the prospect should not be too off-putting however, as Dubai firms generally reimburse their employees well for the odd hours of work. In fact, Dubai firms are fairly renowned for looking after their employees, not just via good salaries and reimbursements, but also through various incentives such as housing allowances, travel allowances, and such.

Most of these ‘perks’ are tailored according to your qualifications and skills, so the higher qualified you are, and the more in-demand skills that you have, the more likely you are to obtain an extremely attractive package.

This discussion of course doesn’t consider the bottom of the chain manual laborer. Things are much different for those poor folks. In fact, Dubai has been in the limelight of worker/human rights. There have been way too many issues in Dubai around paid “slave” labor work. We won’t discuss that here however.

The Dubai Job Secrets guide is definitely the best resource in ensuring your chances to secure a construction job in Dubai are as good as they can get.

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