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Dark Side of Dubai - ABC News 20/20

*** 3 Stars

Hi, Sunil here to talk about ABC’s Dark Side of Dubai DVD

This one gets a full 3 stars from me! ABC has really looked into the core problems of Dubai, particularly the human rights issue that has been on Dubai’s back like an ugly monkey for so long now.

The Dark Side of Dubai

According to many human rights groups, all these beautiful buildings that look good to our eyes were constructed by poor, low paid and physically exploited construction workers imported from nearby countries like India. I tend to agree with this claim.

Every time I go to Dubai I see the sad reality before my eyes. I wished the government did just a little bit more to help these guys out, or at least to provide them with better living and working conditions.

We tend to forget about such problems when we are having such a good time and enjoying their hard worked creation. However, this does not make the problem go away. ABC has done a superb job in giving this issue a deeper look.

According to the investigation study, there are approximately half million poor men working a construction job in Dubai. These construction workers put in 12 hour days 6 days a week under the hot sun that can melt you and I. These poor men are no different.

Many have fallen ill and some have also died as a result of these adverse conditions. They aren’t given the required frequent breaks that American law gives its construction workers. I believe you have to take a 15 minute break away from the sun for every half hour to forty-five minutes you put in (something like that).

I definitely recommend this DVD for your viewing pleasure. This DVD had a huge impact on worker law reforms in Dubai. The reforms were a response by the Dubai government to the investigation conducted by ABC.

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