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I’d like to tell you about a detailed map of Dubai and how it can help you find your way around when visiting the city.

Whenever you visit a new place, it’s a good idea to get yourself a map so that you can become familiar with the area.

This practice will keep you from wasting too much time asking for directions and being lost.

You could always opt to get a tour guide but a good Dubai city map can act as a tourist guide and save you some serious cash.

I bet you’re wondering where you can get a good map, right?

Well, you can almost always find really good maps in the airport when you first arrive, although they may be a bit pricey since it is the airport and all.

Other good places to find a Dubai street map would include newsstands and bookstores.

Detailed Map of DubaiSome hotels may even be able to provide you with one as part of the room rate or as part of the amenities package so be sure to ask them about it.

Another excellent source for finding a detailed map of Dubai is a cab driver, believe it or not.

Those guys drive the city all day and all night, every day so one of them is bound to know where you can find a good quality map.

A friend of mine gave me that hint and I hope it works for you, too!

Aside from keeping you from getting lost, a decent map will be able to guide you to the city’s most popular tourist destinations and attraction locations.

This can be especially useful when trying to decide what you want to do for the day.

Just check out the map and see what’s closest to your present location and then off you go!

A nice Dubai city map will also include things like where there are gas stations, public restrooms, hospitals or clinics, and your country’s Embassy.

Just because you’re a tourist in Dubai doesn’t mean that you really have to act like one. Getting yourself a detailed map of Dubai will give you the freedom and confidence to roam the city like it’s your own city.

You’ll be able to make your way around town like a local before you know it.  Getting to know the city is especially important if you’re going to moving to and living in Dubai. You won’t want to have to rely on strangers to get around the city forever, you know.

Once you learn where everything is at, then when your friends and family can come and visit you, you can play tourist guide and show them where all of the attraction locations are.

Getting a good quality Dubai street map or a Dubai city map is the first step in your acclimation to your new home (or temporary home if you’re just visiting). Once you learn your way around the city, you’ll be living well in the land of royalty and kings!


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