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Distributors in Dubai are a Key Component of Dubai’s Economy

Hi, Sunil here to talk about distributors in Dubai…

Distributors are critical to any economy.

Both essential commodities and luxury products are brought to the masses through distributors who in turn get them from various manufacturers.

Distributors of food stuff, medicines and pharmaceutical products, clothing and accessories, electronic goods, etc. are the backbone of any country.

The phenomenal growth of the economy of Dubai after the investment in tourism and real estate projects has catapulted this city to international recognition and presence.

Many people from all over the world migrated to Dubai looking for job opportunities and Dubai therefore saw a radical change from a conservative to a more open society.

The demand for various products increased and there emerged a genre of distributors who started importing and forming alliances and partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of various products.

The Al Rostamani Group is one of the largest distributors in Dubai of a host of products like heavy vehicles, travel related products, automobiles, heavy equipments, spare parts and services, etc.

The Lifco LLC is one of the distributors in Dubai who deals with general merchandise and food products. Their products include gifts, garden equipments, kitchen accessories and other household articles.

The Alphamed Group is a distribution company headquartered in Dubai. This company deals with various consumer products, medical equipments, lab equipments, pharmaceuticals, health products, sports goods, etc. they also run a chain of pharmacies called the Bin Sina pharmacy.

Aptec Online is a company dealing in the distribution of mobile phone related products and computer products. This company does business with some well known vendors including Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Philips, Nokia, 3M, Acer, BenQ, Computer Associates, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, Epson, etc.

The Arabian American Technology or the Aramtec is one of the importers and distributors in Dubai dealing with consumer goods like frozen foods, grocery, confectionaries, etc. Popular brands they deal with include the Green Giant, Cool Blue, Butterball, Werther’s, Villars, Pillsbury, Parmalat, Kafe, etc.

The Foodco Holding is a food holding company for vendors like Sense Gourmet who operates Figaro’s Pizza restaurants, the Dana Plaza, the Foodco Bahrain WLL, Oasis National Foodstuff who manufactures and markets various foodstuffs, etc.

The Jashanmal National Company has a chain of popular departmental stores across the Middle East. This company has its own division dealing with wholesale and distribution of various international branded products to its stores.

One of the famous distributors in Dubai dealing with pharmaceuticals and drugs in the UAE is the company called the Julphar Drug Store. Apart from running pharmacies across Emirates, this company supplies and distributes to private clinics, supermarkets, government and other pharmacies.

The Maritime and Mercantile International LLC distributes consumer goods, which are popular and fast moving. This company deals with both food and non food segments, travel services, logistics, supply of liquor brands to clubs and hotel chains, running of exclusive Costa coffee outlets, Seasons Restaurant, logistics, etc.

Apart from these major distributors in Dubai, there are a host of importers and distributors supplying to the mind boggling number of shops and retail outlets in malls and shopping centers. You can definitely capitalize on this opportunity if you have trading contacts or are willing to establish a network that can be useful to you.

Dubai’s progress and growth over the years created an opportunity for the small importer and exporter to make a living from trading goods. Dubai’s central geographical location also makes it a very popular trade location.

Although quite saturated, there is still money to be made today from distributorship in Dubai. I personally know so many who have been trying for a few years and most of them are doing just fine.

Consumers in Dubai have an appetite for products from all over the world and therefore most products that are imported and distributed in Dubai come from all over the world.

I highly recommend reading the Dubai Secrets guide to anyone interested in business in Dubai. This guide is the only one of its kind that I have read that is not only practical but also covers all aspects that an investor would be concerned with.

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