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Dubai 7 Star Hotel - Burj Al Arab

The World's Only 7 Star Hotel

Hi, Sunil here to talk about the only Dubai 7 star hotel, which is also the only 7 star hotel in the world (as of 2007)

If you try to think of any word in the dictionary that is synonymous with luxury you still couldn’t find a word to describe the Burj Al Arab.

Currently it has the distinct advantage of being the only 7 star hotel in the world and it is worth every star.

I’d probably add a star or two of my own to it lol. I am sure this hotel would make it to the wonders of the world list when the wonders are reevaluated. I think they do that every few decades, or maybe centuries I don’t know!

The Burj Al Arab is a place where you can literally leave the world behind and enter into an amazing realm of imagination that is more reality than you could ever believe.

Designed with a unique concept of a blowing sail of a yacht it is quite an impressive sight. At 321 meters tall it is also the world’s tallest hotel and no matter what time of day you see it, you can literally feel the breathtaking effect it has on you.

Burj Al Arab, the only Dubai 7 star hotel, is an all-suite hotel that gives you the finest that the world has to offer. It is 28 stories overlooking the Jumeirah Beach.

With out of this world views the only thing that is better than actually looking out from inside is sleeping in one of their world class rooms. Attracting guests from all over the world, it does cater to the most affluent families and business people, but it can be for anyone looking for the best of the best.

This Dubai 7 star hotel boasts magnificent service and 202 of the most incredible suites you have ever seen in your life. Each suite is arranged over two floors so you never have to worry about dealing with your “neighbor.”

The smallest of the standard rooms is 160 square meters with the largest of the suites being 780 square meters with floor to ceiling glass windows offering an awesome view of the Arabian Gulf.

Each room is painstakingly decorated with lavish textures, bright colors, and astounding décor. Each suite features state of the art entertainment equipment such as 42 inch Plasma televisions and remote control curtains.

Upon arrival in your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce you can expect a discreet check in, private reception, and your own personal butler who will cater to your every wish. Whatever you need, they are designed to provide for you so that you can enjoy maximum comfort.


A beautiful night-time view of the Burj Al Arab. The road on the bottom right side of the picture starts from the mainland and will take you to the Burj which is located on a man made island.

View more pictures of the Burj Al Arab here

There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy at this Dubai 7 star hotel as well if you do decide to leave your room.

There is a full spa and health club on the 18th floor with treatment rooms, steam rooms, two swimming pools, a squash court, an aerobics room and two fully equipped fitness centers.

With its private beach and a plethora of water activities you certainly will have plenty to do.

Don’t forget about the superior restaurant choices you have as well. From seafood to Arabic buffets you have your choice of 10 unique and out of this world cuisine choices. All restaurants offer the utmost in style, creativity and service to give you a perfect dining experience.

Watch this video - how can it not be the 8th wonder of the world?

This Dubai 7 star hotel does come at a price but for all you get you can truly feel as if you received top quality amenities, service and rooms. The price of a standard room is about $1,000 per night with the largest penthouse suite ranging up to $25,000 a night for prime vacation time.

I used to think this was the world’s most expensive hotel. Well I was wrong! It is not so don’t go around telling people it is like I used to lol. Kish told me that the most expensive suite is the Four Seasons suite in New York City. I mean she would know since she works for the company.

The Burj Al Arab is the second most expensive though. I am sure you can confidently go around telling your friends that fact :) If you have your mind set on booking a stay at the Burj, use the booking tool below to save a significant amount on your stay.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

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