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*** 3 Stars

Hi, Sunil here to review an art lover's fantasy...

I don’t own the Dubai Architecture & Design book but a friend of mine does.

I don’t understand the technical side of architecture and building design but my eyes love the way it looks when finished.

I was very curious about this book and borrowed it for a couple weeks mainly to look at the pictures and the designs of various buildings in Dubai.

Guess what?

I ended up reading it lol! As much as I thought architects were brought in from around the world to create Dubai’s skyline, it was interesting and eye opening to read about many other buildings that are directly tied to the Middle Eastern culture.
This book was definitely made for the artsy type. But even the “art-clueless” will appreciate this book.

It talks about the history of architecture and design in general. Needless to say it has amazing and very inspiring pictures.

Dubai Architecture Design

I was debating between a 2 or 3 star rating for this one. I usually give specialized books a rating of 2 if I really like them just because they are not meant for the general audience that this website is meant for.

However, it was too good not to give a 3 star rating. I am sure you will agree after reading and viewing it. I had done a search for other books on architecture in Dubai but I could not find any.

I think this is the ONLY book done on both traditional and modern day architecture in Dubai so make sure you get it while it is still available.

Read more about Dubai Architecture and Design here.

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