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Hi – Sunil here to talk about Dubai attractions

When it comes to the attractions of Dubai, there is an extensive list of things to do, see, and experience.

From the surrounding areas of mysterious deserts and the Hajar Mountains to the city center with historical homes set nearby to high tech buildings, you can enjoy the architecture, the beaches, and the mosques all in one day.

The amount of Dubai attractions is as varied as Dubai itself

Tourists like you come from far and wide to see all of the attractions in Dubai such as the resort communities, pristine beaches, the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and not to mention the shopping.

Dubai is a duty-free zone and many people come from all over the world to stock up on gold, clothing, Persian carpets and electronics just to name a few things.

Gold in particular can be found in the Covered Gold Souk in Deira which is the most famous gold market in Dubai.

You can get almost anything you want here and when it comes to Dubai attractions, this is definitely a hot spot.

After a day of shopping, most of the tourists head to the beaches along Jumeira Road. Divided by world class hotels, the beaches allow you to take in the scenery and luxuries facilities. The residents of Dubai can also enjoy these private hotel clubs for a nominal fee as well.

Another attraction of Dubai that really draw people in is the sand dunes of the Arabian Peninsula. Although Dubai is a modern city you can’t help but take in the amazing desert Dubai attractions such as dune bashing, falconry, or a midnight party at an oasis. It is what really makes Dubai what it is – a place to work and play. Many of the activities at the dunes can be booked through the companies that provide tours of Dubai.

Speaking of which, tours of Dubai are often the best ways to get acquainted with this wonderful place. One of the best tours of Dubai is actually the Arabian Adventures tour which is up to a six hour safari tour that takes you on an all-terrain vehicle through the city to the dunes where you can ride the dunes, enjoy traditional fare and even some belly dancing by sunset.

A short tour of Dubai - Media City, Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeirah

It truly is an all around enjoyable time that many people have enjoyed. Although that one is the biggest of the tours of Dubai there are quite a few inner city tours as well as tours that take you to the beaches and to all the important attractions of Dubai. You may want to consider a tour if you are looking for the best of the best.

Last but not least you have the historical aspects of Dubai. It is a literal treasure trove of historical attractions from the Dubai Museum located beneath the 180-year old Al Fahidi Fort in Bur Dubai to the Bastakiva district which has traditional older homes that can tour.

With some of the best architecture in the city you can enjoy the best of the old and new. Don’t forget to make a stop at the famed Grand Mosque for a truly great experience.

No matter which Dubai attraction you choose, or if you spend weeks enjoying everything that Dubai has to offer, you will experience everything from luxurious beach side clubs to amazing shopping and everything in between.

I have been going for quite a bit now and still haven’t scratched the surface. Part of this is because Dubai keeps adding more to itself by the day. It’s so hard to keep up!

If you are headed to Dubai or plan on visiting sometime I highly recommend the very practical Dubai Secrets guide. It is the best guide that answers the common questions travellers have about Dubai and is compiled by people who have been there and done that.

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