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Dubai Beach Information - A Guide to Sun and Sand

There are a fair number of these in Dubai, but how do you find the best Dubai beach information?

Dubai definitely boasts about its beaches.

So if you are a beach baby like me, getting good, reliable Dubai beach information should be one of your top priorities if you are planning to visit Dubai.

You need to know where to get this information so that you can have an opportunity to wisely choose which beach can provide you with the fun and excitement that you are looking for.

One good place to turn to in getting beach information in Dubai is from the Dubai embassy.

They have a list of the most recommended beaches and can provide assistance in booking tours to these beaches. Aside from that you can be sure that you are getting accurate and up to date information.

You know exactly what to expect from this resource. On another note, you can also turn to the many websites on the internet that provide a Dubai beach listing of the different resorts and hotel beaches in Dubai.

The Jumeirah area is a big one for beaches. It is like the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. This area is known for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters that can simply take your breath away and makes you feel like you’re in some magical place.

But make sure you choose a website that is reliable and provides accurate information. There are tons of website on Dubai that are meant to do one thing, sell sell sell. Do not fall into another marketing scheme where the information you are given is hyped up to sell the place or the resort that they are promoting. You want fresh, practical and first hand information! Something you will get on our website (that was such an obvious shameless plug wasn’t it?).

One other thing you have to prepare for when looking for Dubai beaches is that the price information you may get may overwhelm you as the resorts are notoriously pricey. Though they may be expensive you will understand why they can charge so high once you see the amenities and the location of their resort. Although most resorts are on a similar price range, there are more economical ways you can enjoy going to the beach since there are places that offer much lower rates to tourist who cannot afford to stay in the majestic Dubai Beach hotels.

Cheap does not equate to poor. These cheaper beach resorts still provide a wonderful experience, and you definitely get your money’s worth because the service is remarkable. They make sure that you enjoy your experience. So worry not, you have my full endorsement to go with a no namer company instead of a super expensive hotel.

There are some good websites out there that give you an option to choose a specific price range and provide a list that would suit your budget. Name your price sorts of. You can inquire of what beaches your travel agency recommends (if you go through one) and if there are any packages that they are offering that could save you some money.

One thing is for certain, that the beaches in Dubai are truly world-class. It is not just about the sand and the sea, but also the many amenities that are offered to you and thousands of other tourists that flock to Dubai year after year. So before you start booking that beach resort or beach vacation in Dubai, you may want to check the best time of the year to visit and what temperatures to expect so that you can better prepare yourself for that wonderful beach experience. Hope this Dubai beach information was helpful for you.

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