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Hi, Sunil here to talk about the Dubai Big Bus Tour…

This is the best way (in my opinion) you can quickly get acquainted to Dubai.

Dubai has too many places to see and things to do.

The bus tour can provide a glimpse into many options that you can consider exploring in detail later on.

There are two Dubai Big Bus Tours I recommend, the Beach Tour and the City Tour.

The Beach Tour will expose you to modern Dubai while the City Tour will show you Dubai’s historical side.

You will be exposed to Jumeirah Beach, the famous Jumeirah Mosque and some very nice malls like the Mercato and Mall of Emirates as part of the Beach Tour.

The City Tour will show you around the great fort, historic mosques, old homes, the Dubai museum and many other historic locales.

Both tours allow you to get off and get right back in the bus.

This will give you the chance to explore places you are interested in. Buses keep coming and going so you will always have the chance to hop another bus that comes along.

Your ticket is good for 24 hours. So you can either go in the morning and spend the entire day touring Dubai or alternatively go in the evening and continue your tour the following morning. These tours are very common in big cities in the US like Chicago and Washington, DC.

Dubai Bus Tour Timings & Routes

The Big Bus Beach Tour will take you through old Dubai City without giving you a chance to “get off” the bus. It will then stay on Jumeirah Beach Road for a while on its way to the Dubai Marina. The bus tour ends where it starts at the city centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The City Tour on the other hand will take you to the older side of Dubai. You will have a chance to explore the sights in Bur Dubai and Deira (separated by the Dubai Creek). The City Tour comes with a neat surprise; a one hour tour on the water in an Arab dhow.

Some Quick Tips on the 2 Dubai Bus Tours

  • You can hop in a bus tour from any stop as long as you have a ticket.
  • The Beach Tour starts and stops very close to the Dubai Airport at the Shopping Centre in Deira.
  • The starting point for the City Tour is the Wafi City Shopping Centre.
  • Take a hat and some sunscreen lotion with you in case the bus doesn’t have room and you have to sit on the upper deck.
  • Take a small pad and a pen with you to jot down places you would like to explore later.
  • A Dubai Big Bus Tour ticket can be used for both tours and you can catch the intersection of the two tours at Wafi City and the City Centre in Deira.
  • The entire Beach Tour is just over 2 hours (if you don’t “get off” for any stops).
  • The City Tour is just over an hour and a half.
  • You will have live commentary on the busses in English.
  • You may choose to listen to pre recorded translated commentaries in Arabic, Hindi, French, Italian and German.

Buses usually run within half hour of one another and are accessible from 9am to 5pm. Keep this number handy to find out the up to date timing information on bus routes: 971 (UAE Code) 4 (Dubai Code) 340-7709 (Local Number).

Also check out the Dubai Big Bus website for detailed information on timings, prices and how to get tickets. Recommend some affiliates here

Watch this 7 minute video taken from the Big Bus Tour while in transit

Must See Places (Stop Overs)

This is a short list of places I recommend you explore in depth by getting off the bus! Take your camera (but be sensitive to picture taking rules in each venue).

Dubai Big Bus Beach Tour

-Jumeirah Beach
-Jumeirah Mosque
-Mall of the Emirates

Dubai Big Bus City Tour

-The Dubai Gold Souk
-Al Fahidi Fort
-Bastakia Quarter
-Dubai Old Souk

The Dubai Big Bus Tour is ideal for anyone. The Dubai bus tours are a great way to quickly see both old and modern Dubai in an economical fashion. I usually tell people on their way to Dubai with not much time to do one of the tours for sure. You can always take notes and come back to explore more on your own.

It is the best way for a first time visitor to learn about Dubai and observe the development and progress The City is undergoing. So if you are heading to Dubai for the first time, make sure you book your tickets for the Dubai Big Bus Tour. It will be worth every bit of your time and money.

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