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Hi, this is Sunil with my Dubai book review...

This is a short list of my strongly recommended books on Dubai.

I have been studying Dubai and its transformation since 1999 and have found these to be the best and most comprehensive resources published on Dubai.

If you are like me and like to travel light, consider the new Kindle reading device.

I travel almost all year-round and don’t like to carry much on me except for my laptop and “crackberry” (Blackberry). So recently I went out and got myself the Kindle and have loved the experience so far.

It is like packing the entire public library in 10.3 ounces. It’s truly a gift for someone who enjoys reading a lot in their spare time. I definitely recommend the product.

Also, click here if you want some cool Dubai souvenirs for keepsakes.

Here is a list of the best of the best resources on Dubai from my experience. Click on each one to read my review.

Of all these I most recommend the 60 minute DVD interview of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and All Things Dubai for a full taste of what Dubai is all about, where it stands and where it is headed.

I have also developed my own rating system and have given each of the books I’ve rated between 1-3 stars depending on how much I liked them. I have not read or seen the ones with no ratings.

| Most Recommended You must get it | *** Very Good | ** Good | * Average |


(Most Recommended) All things Dubai

*** Dubai job secrets

*** Time Out Dubai

*** Dubai – The Vulnerability of Success

*** Dubai Architecture & Design

*** Dubai Red Tape

** Dubai Explorer – The Complete Resident’s Guide (Living & Working for Expats)

** Top 10 Dubai and Abu Dhabi (Travel Guide)

** Dubai & Co. Global Strategies for Doing Business in the Gulf States

* Cool Restaurants Dubai

* Rough Guide Directions to Dubai

* Lonely Planet Dubai Encounter


(Most Recommended) 60 minutes – Dubai, Inc.

*** ABC News 20/20 Dark Side of Dubai

** 60 Minutes - On The Waterfront (February 26, 2006)

** Extreme Engineering Dubai Ski Resort


Books (Not Reviewed by Me)

UAE - Culture Smart (Guide to Customs and Etiquette)

The Dubai City Guide

Dubai Millenium - A Vision Realized; A Dream Lost Excellent Reviews

Images of Dubai & the UAE Excellent Reviews for Imagery

Dubai Discovered Good Reviews

Frommer's Dubai

LUXE - Dubai City Guide

Tears on the Sand

Understanding Arabs - A Guide for Modern Times

Living & Working in the Gulf - How to Succeed in Arab Culture

Success Secrets to Maximize Business in the UAE

Architecture in the Emirates

Dubai Chic - Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Shops, Spas, Golf

Dubai Travel Pack

Opportunity Dubai - Making a Fortune in the Middle East

Dubai Insight - Step by Step

Telling Tales - An Oral History of Dubai Excellent Reviews

Setting up in Dubai - A Business Investor's Guide Excellent Reviews for Business Resource

Dubai: Life & Times

From The Desert To The Derby: Inside the Ruling Family of Dubai's Billion-Dollar Quest to Win America's Greatest Horse Race Good Reviews

Emirati Women in Dubai: Navigating Cultural Change

Dubai Business Law Handbook Must Have for any White Collar Professional

Family Explorer - Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Financial Services Regulations in the Middle East A Must Have for Financial Services Professionals

Beautiful Images of Dubai

Buying a Home in Dubai, Egypt & the Gulf States: A Survival Handbook

Dubai Creek - Past & Present

Dubai: An emerging urbanity? (Planning, History and Environment Series)

Living & Working in Dubai Reviewed as one of the Best Dubai Guides!

Dubai Explorer

Sand to Silicon: Achieving Rapid Growth Lessons from Dubai Rave Reviews

Now & Then Dubai (Our Earth)

Reflections of Dubai

Gates of Dubai

DVDs (Not Reviewed by Me)

Modern Times Wonders - Burj Al Arab Dubai

Dubai DVD Video

Comments on my review? Got your own Dubai book to write? Please do and send it to us and we can enter your name in our quarterly free vacation giveaway drawing!

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