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A recent survey conducted by Manpower Middle East, ranked the United Arab Emirates amongst its Top 10 Preferred Destinations to relocate for work.

Seems like this ties in with the well known fact that ever since the turn of the century Dubai is has emerged as one of the hottest destinations to work in due to its wealth of career opportunities.

Trends in Dubai Careers: Why Dubai? Why Now?

Although Dubai has emerged as one of the premier destinations to relocate for work in general, some few Dubai jobs far outstrip others in terms of the quantity of demand for them.

Mostly these trends are found especially in the construction, medical, finance, and lately, IT fields.

These fields are literally in the hot zone as far as Dubai is concerned due to the massive expansions that are continually being churned out.

Anyone with sizable experience in construction, be it architects, or engineers and the like, are needed for the skyscrapers that seem to appear almost overnight.

In addition, ever since Dubai set its sights on becoming the medical and financial hub of the region, both areas have seen heavy development. Lastly, with the completion of the Internet City, a wide range of IT related Dubai jobs have opened up as the very latest new development.

Just looking at the exponential rate of expansion, it is easy to see why there is demand, particularly for foreign experts in a vast variety of fields. Truth is, Dubai needs such people who have the skills and relevant know-how to keep up with its plans for the future. For this reason, the career opportunities are abundant, and advancement is almost assured for those who perform up to the demands.

A Taste of Working and Living in Dubai

Together with the Dubai career opportunities, it is sometimes the prospect of living in a foreign country that can appeal as well. Much of Dubai is developed, or developing, and so it really does not take that much getting used to, however, outside of the developed area exists a world that is not at all like most of America.

For those interested in something that little bit different, this contrast is just that ‘something’ that could be sought. Read my comprehensive discussion on living in Dubai to learn more.

From the perspective of working in Dubai, the city is practically tax free and thus all earnings up to a certain amount can be kept completely without having to fork over some to any authority. Furthermore, many Dubai firms are known for their generous offers to foreign workers, including houses, cars, and even fully paid gas bills. Read my discussion on Dubai jobs to learn more about the benefits and perks.

Essentially, both living while working in a Dubai job can be profitable and fun as well. Renowned for their laid-back nature of doing business, it is no surprise that Dubai is increasingly popular among those seeking career advancement and good experience.

For anyone willing to brave the trip, and especially for those with a small taste for adventure, a Dubai career could be the very ticket to satisfy all needs. Don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Check it out yourself – Dubai promises exciting prospects for years to come and there is a job vacancy in Dubai anywhere you look today (2008).

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