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The Dubai City Information Site Genesis - How It Started

The Genesis of The Dubai City Information Site

The genesis (or the beginning) of the Dubai City Information Site dates back to a trip to Dubai Kish and I had made.

Because of an experience we had, we wondered whether tourists and visitors to Dubai are truly prepared when they visit Dubai.

The answer was no.

While there are many websites and blogs on Dubai, most are very specialized, commercial / business run and are in existence to sell you something and therefore lose their independent and unbiased perspective.

So Kish and I decided to put together a website that provides the general information you need about Dubai, but also goes a step further and speaks to it from a first hand perspective as we have been there and done that.

It takes one to know one they say, and we can surely understand the questions, concerns and frustrations any tourist or visitor to Dubai must be facing.

The Dubai City Information Site is a resource portal that is focused on bringing you Dubai and the UAE in general from a fresh perspective. This website is meant for someone interested in learning about Dubai, visiting Dubai or someone who is already living there. There are no restrictions of use and it is open and free to everyone.

We love the challenge of staying up to date with the recent news and developments in this fast and ever changing region of the world. But you can trust that we will be at the forefront like we always have been. We have covered everything you can think of, from booking the best and most reasonable hotel in Dubai, getting to Dubai, job hunting, living, tourism, travel, religion, culture, you name it. We also provide nothing but only the top notch qualified and credible resources.

That said, we know it is difficult to find quality information online. Quality is one thing, trust is another. It is hard to find truthful, unbiased information on a destination like Dubai. No worries, we are here to share our personal experiences. We both like Dubai, but also dislike a lot of things about it. You will see that as you navigate through the website, our blog and our newsletter. We present things the way they are, no sugar, salt or cream added.

So make sure you bookmark our website, sign up for the blog and the Dubai newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest about Dubai and the UAE.

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Public Relations

The Dubai City Information Site has been featured and discussed in various publications both online and offline. Some of the big names include the Gulf News, MSN, PR Newswire, PR Log and The National.

The Dubai City Information Blog

As of 2010, this blog had a subscribership of over 1,500 readers from all around the world. This blog is indexed by over 100 blog engines and social bookmarking sites. These numbers are only expected to grow over time. The Dubai Newsletter Our global newsletter readership was 21,677 strong as of 2010. This is also expected to grow over time as we continue to bring quality information to your inbox. There is much covered in our newsletter issues, from trends, society, business, jobs, culture, developments, laws, contests, games, free giveaways, prizes and our famous quarterly FREE vacation giveaway raffle. We often take requests on topics to write about as well as allow our readers to write in future issues. So if you are interested in publishing your content on our channel, do let us know and you will have instant access to our readership! It is FREE to subscribe to.

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