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Hi, Sunil here to talk about my most recommended Dubai City guide – All Things Dubai

I read this book on my Kindle and it further educated me about Dubai, its location and how life is there in general from all angles.

This book is perfect for you if you want to know more about Dubai and how it would be like living and working there.

And if you are going for a Dubai holiday, this book will also tell you about the experience as well as what to expect as a Dubai tourist.

In addition to the details within the book, I love the fact that it is an eBook. I was able to download this immediately and begin my reading.

You can print it out if you want or store it in your laptop and read it anytime anywhere without Internet access.

Or if you have the Kindle, you can simply store it and read it whenever you want. The Kindle is only 10.3 ounces so you can even carry it while touring Dubai.

This Dubai City guide discusses some of the experiences that you can have just in Dubai and other facts and details that are not readily available online on most commercial Dubai websites. When I read the book, I already knew some of what it talked about but I have to admit that I learned a lot more.

For example, there are some many tips I got on saving money in Dubai. Things I did not know before reading this book. I don’t want to give away the author’s secrets but there were quite a few of these and they all add up to significant savings.

Here are some of the things covered by this book:

  • Dubai’s Location
  • Dress Code
  • Dubai Culture
  • Dubai Entertainment Options & Nightlife
  • How is Dubai Different From Other Islamic Nation-States

When I bought this book, I was surprised to receive a bonus book - “Guide to Safe Landing in Dubai”. I am not sure if this was advertised at the time I bought it or maybe I just missed it but it was nice to get this extra book. I think the company has since made it part of the package so that you get both of them when you buy All Things Dubai.

The author Joseph Ponnou claims that this bonus book is all you need to survive your first 48 hours in Dubai. He goes on to saying “this is sure to save you a lot of sweat and maybe – just maybe – a couple of years in jail!”

I know this sounds funny but he has a valid point. Not knowing what to do and not do in Dubai can really get you in trouble. This Dubai City guide provides a few key phrases in Arabic that will be very helpful for you as well as key contact information to important offices, facilities and embassies.

It is amazing how far just little Arabic speaking skills can go in Dubai. The Dubai Police and most other government officials are all Arabs who speak mostly Arabic. Given the favoritism (or racism) in Dubai, they often favor a local National no matter what the situation is or who is in fault.

But speaking even a little Arabic can build instant rapport with them and will go a long way for you. Trust me on this. And if you are particularly ambitious about learning Arabic as a second or third language, consider the course by Rosetta Stone.

Learn Arabic - Teach Yourself Arabic

I have not tried it myself but have been reading up on it quite a bit. The reviews are excellent and it appears to be the #1 course on self-teaching Arabic. Learning how to speak Arabic is certainly on my TO DO list. On a side note, I used Rosetta Stone to enhance my Hindi speaking skills. The program works unbelieavably well.

I also like the fact that the book comes with a 100% money back guarantee so I thought I could always return it if I didn’t like it. It’s not like it’s a $100 book or anything. It’s a $19 investment well worth it.

As an added bonus, the sellers offer an "Extreme Super Bonus #2", a book that in itself is worth more than the $19 you pay. Read more about it and check it out for yourself here.

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