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Hi Friends,

This is Kish & Sunil, your personal Dubai City Hosts. We have created this website to share our experiences in and about Dubai. We want to make sure that you are as informed as you can be about Dubai and have fun whenever you visit The City!

Whether you are planning to visit Dubai or have recently moved there, this comprehensive website on Dubai City will give you everything you need to know and more.

Kish's Story

Kish was brought up in Dubai until she was 17. She moved to the US for college and has been here since - because of me :) She’d move back in a heartbeat if I didn’t live here. At least that is what she tells me lol.

Kish went to school in Dubai and still has a lot of friends there that she is (and now we are) in touch with. She knows every corner, every street and every in and out of Dubai (after all Dubai is not very big in terms of land mass).

She knows exactly where to go for whatever you need, from the cheapest market bargains to the most expensive dinners and clubs. She even has many personal contacts that “get things done for cheap”! if you know what I mean ;) That is my favorite part!

Her family still lives there and hence Dubai visits are quite common in our family. Kish has been back to visit Dubai several times and will continue to do so throughout.

Sunil's Story

I on the other hand had a brief layover in Dubai city when I was very young; so young that I can't remember much. I was reunited with Dubai when I started college at the University of Michigan (known to attract students from over a hundred countries every year) where I met some of my better friends who had come from Dubai to study.

Time passed by so quick and my interest and fascination about Dubai city kept growing for a variety of reasons (mainly the rapid development and the International trade and commerce that takes place in the free trading zones thanks to Dubai's great Geographical location that makes it ideal for Global trading). Pardon that tangent; I was a business school student after all.

Since then Dubai city has completely transformed. It is now the global entertainment hub as tourism has taken over the front seat. Every financial institution (Banks) that you can think of has established their presence there.

Real estate has appreciated and countless quality jobs have been created as more and more businesses and people consider relocating to or visiting Dubai. The economy has experienced unprecedented growth, so much that they are building land on water because they ran out of "real" land lol.

Anyway, so over time as my friends have gotten married in Dubai and because of Kish’s family (most recently her sister's wedding), I have found myself in the city I am still so fascinated by quite a bit.

Freebies from Your Dubai City Hosts

Make sure to bookmark our website and join our Dubai City Blog, where you will hear about what new & exciting things are happening in Dubai as well as receive updates of new content to this website.

We also work very hard on our FREE Monthly Newsletter where we will provide you with a lot of valuable information such as recent developments, heavily discounted offers, cool & fun facts and much more.

Other good stuff includes Dubai Vendor Reviews, where you can read about vendors in Dubai, see how others have rated them, and get a chance to rate them too. This helps everyone as it exposes the quality stores and services to go to and pay for. It automatically weeds out the losers.

The Local Dubai Events section allows you or anyone else to post an advertisement for their event. Say you want to host a gathering, or say a real estate firm wants to hold an open house, this is where you post the news for free! Thousands of folks will be able to see it immediately. It is essentially free advertisement.

The Dubai FAQ section gives you a chance to ask any question and immediately have it addressed by thousands of visitors (including us)! You can also answer questions others have asked. Everyone helps each other in this section!

We will be holding all kinds of trivia and contests so that you can win some cool prizes (Dubai paintings, locally crafted goods, souvenirs, etc.)

Wana know how to win free vacations??? Just read up on our Famous Quarterly FREE Dubai Vacation Giveaway raffle drawing here! You will also get to see a list of our past free vacation winners.

What's In The Pipeline at the Dubai Information Site?

A Ton! A Classified Ads Section, Dedicated Forums, "Dubai Garage Sale", and much more...So much that we cannot keep up. We are very excited and each time we grow our site, you are right there to commend us and inspire us to push further.

We want to make this the one stop shop for first hand and practical information that can help any traveler, tourist, expat and even a current resident of Dubai.

We cannot do it alone however. We need your help. Provide us with your input to help shape up the future of this website. What do you want more off? What are people really looking / searching for out there? Without you, there is no us. Contact us and let us know how we can improve right now!

Why Did We Create The Dubai Information Site?

Simply speaking, there is no website out there that offers you fresh first hand perspective on Dubai City and the different things to do in Dubai.

Don't get us wrong, there are many sites on Dubai, but they are all large commercial sites that don't really speak from a practical perspective. They haven’t been there or done that. They exist just so they can sell you their stuff!

Your Dubai City Hosts on the other hand have experienced quite a bit. Our experiences will only continue to grow and you will be the first ones to find out about them on this website! You don't want something generic. You want specific information coming from real people like us. We hope to see you soon & often!

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